OlliOlli World advanced tricks guide

How to do advanced tricks in OlliOlli World

In OlliOlli World advanced tricks are the secret to upping your score when you master chaining together massive combos. In some levels, challenges will ask you to complete advanced tricks in certain places to impress the denizens of Radlandia. So it pays off to know how to do advanced tricks in OlliOlli World.

If you aren't familiar with the OlliOlli World control schema yet, that's a good place to start, but once you know what you're doing with your thumbs, it's time to master advanced tricks.

How to do advanced tricks in OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World advanced tricks

Advanced tricks in OlliOlli World are a class of thumb-bruising stick rotations that you perform with the left stick. While flicking the stick in one direction will perform a number of simple tricks like heelflips and kickflips, advanced tricks require you to input rotational commands similar to fighting games.

Quarter circles like the pop shove it don't count as advanced tricks, only half circle rotations and more count as advanced. To do an advanced trick in OlliOlli World, like the 540 flip or dragon flip, you need to hold the left stick in an initial direction as indicated in the above list, then complete either a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation before letting go. You need to do the rotation quite quickly, but try it slowly first to get a feel for the motion.

If you are in the middle of a grind that you started with the stick in a different starting position than where the advanced trick you want to perform says to start, you can rotate the stick to the starting position and hold for a second before beginning the circle rotation required.

Hopefully this sets you up for completing OlliOlli World challenges that ask you to do an advanced trick, and will also help you stomp some wicked combos once you learn how to string tricks together reliably. That's the secret to the big scores, so keep shredding!


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