Street Fighter 6 revealed with realistic, beefy Ryu vs Luke

A teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 reveals a more realistic art direction for the fighting game series.

A teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 has revealed the new look of the fighting game series, more than 6 years after its last mainline entry released.

The trailer, which aired at the end of day three of Capcom's Street Fighter V Pro Tour season finale broadcast, features and exceptionally beefy Ryu facing off against Luke.

There are flashes of the cartoonish paintbrush effects that have defined the look of the series since Street Fighter IV, but the character models are most definitely moving away from the anime aesthetic that has stuck since the move to 3D.

As is customary with a reveal of this caliber, the short teaser trailer (which came at the end of a cryptic countdown from Capcom) is itself the announcement of a countdown to a larger reveal at some point in "Summer 2022". It's countdowns all the way down, baby.

The Street Fighter 6 announcement sort of took the wind out of the sails of another Capcom reveal earlier in the day, as the Capcom Fighting Collection was also shown on the broadcast.

A collection of 10 classic fighting games, now with rollback netcode for online matches, will release on June 24, featuring all five Darkstalkers games, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Red Earth.

Reaction to the Street Fighter 6 teaser trailer has been a mix of memes about how godlike Ryu's jawline has gotten, to people wanting to tap the game's modern design logo to get rid of the six notifications it looks like it has. To be honest, there isn't a lot more to react to, until we get gameplay sometime this summer.

Are you hyped for Street Fighter 6? What did you think of the new art style? And does Ryu really need to be that square?


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