Horizon Forbidden West: How to save

Learn how to save in Horizon Forbidden West so you don't lose progress when you need to stop playing in a hurry.

Aloy’s journey in Horizon Forbidden West is a long one, making it extremely important to know how to save your progress. The game features a fairly generous autosave system, but we’ve explained how to save in Horizon Forbidden West below so you can ensure you don’t lose any of your time.

How to save in Horizon Forbidden West

How to save horizon forbidden west
Look for the campfire symbol when you need to save in Horizon Forbiden West. 
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To save in Horizon Forbidden West, you need to visit a campfire. These are sprinkled throughout the open world, and also act as fast travel points. You won’t encounter a campfire until you reach the “To The Brink” mission and descend into the area called The Daunt. Until that point you’ll simply need to rely on autosaves, which the game performs regularly.

Once you’re in the Daunt, you can save by approaching a campfire, recognized by the icon of a fire over two crossed sticks on the map. Approach the Campfire and you’ll be given the option to quick save with Triangle, or perform a manual save with Square. 

Horizon Forbidden West how to save progress
Quick Save will be fine for most players, but Manual Save creates a dedicated slot. 
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If you quick save in Horizon Forbidden West it will overwrite the current quick save slot, allowing you to continue with the game. Manual save will create a dedicated save slot for that point in the game, allowing you to return there in future if needed. Manual saves are a great option before an important decision or a gameplay segment you think you might want to return to in the future.

For the most part, you can rely on the autosave function to keep track of your progress, as you won’t find yourself losing loads of progress if, for example, you die. However, if you need to quickly shut down the game and head off, we recommend quickly making a journey to the nearest campsite so you can quick save and ensure you don’t lose progress.

That’s everything you need to know about how to save in Horizon Forbidden West. If you’re just starting out in Aloy’s journey, check out our full controls guide to ensure you always know how to perform the action you’re after!

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