Midnight Ghost Hunt all ghost Abilities, Haunts, and Perks

Learn all the Ghost abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt along with Haunts and Perks you can use to evade your clumsy human hunters!

Playing with ghost Abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt is one of the best parts of the game. Before you can use them all and start building interesting combos, you’ll need to unlock each Abilitiy, Haunt, and Perk first with shards. To help you make your choice, we’ve put together a list of all ghost Abilities, Haunts, and Perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt including extra details the game won’t tell you and some suggestions for how best to use them.

All Ghost Abilities in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt all Ghost Abilities
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Abilities are special powers ghosts have access too while hiding and running from hunters. These range between tools to help them escape, tools to slow or interrupt hunters, and tools to help them fight back against hunters.


  • Type: Escape
  • Description: Activates a short-lived cloak which drastically reduces visibility but also movement speed while active. This is the starting ghost ability and easily one of the weakest. We recommend swapping it out as soon as possible.


  • Type: Escape
  • Description: Enables free-range flight for a very short duration. Spirit breaks any harpoon and trap tethers when activated. This is an ideal tool for escaping vertically to higher floors that the hunters can’t easily reach you on. Any damage taken while in Spirit form will cancel the ability.


  • Type: Deception
  • Description: Copy the look of a nearby hunter. You can attack with swipes that deal heavy damage, but it’ll break the disguise to leave you floating. Be warned, hunters will be able to see your name as if you were a player, meaning the hunter you copy can call you out very quickly.


  • Type: Trap
  • Description: Haunt an object, causing it to float. When a hunter approaches, the object will fly towards them and hit for small damage. If the haunted object takes damage, it will fall to the ground. Up to five objects can be haunted with one Poltergeist ability at the same time.


  • Type: Distraction
  • Description: Remotely charge up objects to fling them along the path shown. It will look the same as a ghost charging, making it a valuable distraction. The flung object will cause damage if it successfully hits a hunter. More deadly than Telekinesis but much harder to use effectively


  • Type: Distraction
  • Description: Remotely move an object, controlling which direction it travels. The object will move for five seconds or until it takes damage. Use this as an escape tool to lure hunters away before you make your escape.


  • Type: Distraction
  • Description: Spawns a fake ghost which runs in a random direction. The ghost will dissolve when hit by a hunter. Apparition is a good panic option when you’re discovered and your item is broken, but due to it being easier to destroy, it’s usually a weaker option.

Death Grip

  • Type: Trap
  • Description: Spawns a nearly invisible trap under your current position. When a hunter steps on the trap it will stop them from moving. The trap can be destroyed by the hunter if they attack it. Only one trap can be placed at a time by each ghost.


  • Type: Escape
  • Description: Creates a cloud of damaging smoke which hurts and slows hunters within it while blocking their vision. Traps, C4, and even the generator can be damaged by the mist, making it a powerful harassment tool for aggressive ghosts.


  • Type: Trap
  • Description: Corrupts an unpossessed object, turning it into a trap. The object will explode when attacked, damaging anyone nearby. Up to five objects can be corrupted by the ability at one time. This is an effective tool against close-range hunter weapons like the sledgehammer and flamethrower.

All Ghost Haunts in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight ghost hunt all ghost haunts
© Vaulted Sky Games

Haunts are abilities that ghosts gain access to when killed. Or, er, killed again? They’re generally used to slow the hunters or help their remaining ghost allies.


  • Type: Support
  • Description: Chills any nearby hunters, slowing them drastically for a short duration.

Health Orb

  • Type: Support
  • Description: Spawns a health orb at your current position. Orbs can be collected by remaining ghosts to heal them. One orb can be spawned at a time. 

Cold Spot

  • Type: Distraction
  • Description: Generates fake readings for Radar and Spectrophone which can distract hunters. This is a powerful tool for keeping one remaining ghost from being detected.

False Trail

  • Type: Distraction
  • Description: Leaves fake Ghost footprints as you move, misleading hunters using the pathfinder. As hunters rarely use this tool, we don’t recommend equipping this tool.


  • Type: Distract
  • Description: Creates random sound effects which sound like ghosts. Use to distract or lure hunters away by using it near but out of sight of them.

Push Object

  • Type: Distract
  • Description: Activate to push objects or open doors as a distraction. This power can trigger corrupted objects, so it combines well with another ghost using that ability.

Shove Hunter

  • Type: Support
  • Description: Pushes a living hunter, knocking them back slightly. This power can be used to knock a hunter off a ledge. This is a niche power only useful in a select number of locations. Save it for levels like the pirate ship with a lot of verticality and edges.


  • Type: Distract
  • Description: Allows the ghost to use area voice chat after death, letting them speak to and distract the hunter team.

All Ghost Perks in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight ghost hunt all ghost perks
© Vaulted Sky Games

Midnight Ghost Hunt Perks offer powerful passive boosts that increase certain powers or disable certain hunter tools.

Ghostly Reach

  • Type: Mobility
  • Description: Increases possession range and range of Poltergeist.


  • Type: Hiding
  • Description: Slows build up of ectoplasm, allowing you to hide from radars and spectrophones for longer.


  • Type: Mobility
  • Description: Stops objects from shattering after being charged and hurled a long distance. Objects will still shatter when impacting a hunter. 


  • Type: Survivability
  • Description: Reduces all damage while possessing props by 25%.

Ghostly Focus

  • Type: Utility
  • Description: Reduces cooldown on all Abilities and Haunts. Does not affect attack cooldowns.


  • Type: Utlity
  • Description: Allows you to see hunters, traps, and C4 through walls before midnight. Increases the range at which Coldblooded players can be seen.


  • Type: Survivability
  • Description: Reduces trap and harpoon effectiveness, reduces the speed reduction inflicted by frostbite, and reduces the knockback from the salt shotgun.


  • Type: Support
  • Description: Allows you to consume dead hunter souls faster and revive dead ghosts faster.

Blast Resistant

  • Type: Survivability
  • Description: Take 75% less damage from explosives like traps, C4, and sniper darts.


  • Type: Utility
  • Description: Reduces the charge up time on ghost attacks. Increases the cooldown on charge attacks. Useful for aggressive plays and to help you escape faster.

Those are all Midnight Ghost Hunt ghost abilities, haunts, and perks. Don't forget to also make use of taunts while hiding as this will reduce your ectoplasm build up allowing you to sneak around for longer. Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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