Nintendo Switch Sports new items include ninja outfits and more

Dazzle your opponents with the Dark Collection.

The Nintendo Switch Sports new items weekly update has arrived, adding a new collection focussed on all things Dark to the game on May 19. The Dark Collection takes color out of the equation, putting black at the center of everything. 

The Dark Collection replaces the Cute Collection, shifting the Sporty Set into the danger zone. There are six days left to complete that full set. Sadly you’ll still have to take a look at that terrifying squirrel body for another two weeks.

Nintendo Switch Sports new items the dark collection
© Nintendo

The exact Nintendo Switch Sports items you’ll see in your Dark Collection may differ from ours, but you’ll likely find the hood, mask and face paint, along with a new deep blue chambara sword. Other items included are a new hairstyle, eye color, glasses, a volleyball, two reaction stickers, and two title collections.

Earn enough points to collect the full set of 12 available items and you’ll secure the Completion Bonus. This week’s bonus is a stylish pair of dark outfits, one in heavy black and red gear with knee pads, and the other sports a black crop top, shorts, and gigantic leg guards. Truly a fearsome sight in the bowling alley or when screaming in your opponent’s face during a volleyball block.

Nintendo Switch sports new items collection
© Nintendo

Only three item packs are on offer at the same time, meaning you’ve got three weeks to grab the full new collection. That means the Dark Collection should be hanging around until June 9.

Make sure you know how to earn points and unlock items before you start playing to earn them. For the most efficient way to earn points, you’ll also want to ensure you’ve mastered how to bowl strikes. There are loads of hidden tricks that’ll help you improve in every sport, so check out our tips and tricks for the game if you haven’t already!

What style of Nintendo Switch Sports new items would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.

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