This week's Nintendo Switch Sports new gear adds smashing Tennis outfits

The Tennis Collection adds a Federer-style look to Nintendo Switch Sports.

The latest Nintendo Switch sports new gear is all about the classic game of tennis. The new collection features a selection of tennis-themed gear for players to unlock over the next three weeks.

Following on from the Dark Collection last week, the new Tennis Collection includes two new hairstyles. One features a tennis headband with some very Federer-esque floppy locks poking over the top, while the other is a ponytail and tennis visor combo. 

Two new emotes and name collections are included, along with a tennis face icon and a selection of other gear. Our collection included the cute racket and green bowling ball, along with blue sporty sunglasses and the Retro hair. Inclusions will vary from player to player, so be sure to check what your collection includes as you start earning points.

Nintendo switch sports new gear new collection tennis
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The completion bonus for the Tennis Collection is, fittingly, the stylish tennis gear to equip. Both come in blue and white, with one featuring a short dress over leggings, and the other including a t-shirt and shorts combo.

That also means this week is your last chance to grab the terrifying squirrel body as completion reward for the Relaxation Collection – that will disappear next Thursday when a new set arrives.

This week’s update has also added Special Bowling into the regular online rotation, which means you’ll be able to compete on the unusual and challenging courses even if you haven’t unlocked Pro League for the sport. As a balancing system, players lower down the ranking will face easier lanes than those higher up, shifting from the Beginner variant to Advanced as ranking position improves. The final three bowls revert to standard bowling

Given we’ve had football and tennis completion sets, here’s hoping that future Nintendo Switch sports new gear collections show some love to the other sports like volleyball with some bespoke gear.

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