Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Kill Challenge guide

Our Mission 7 Kill Challenge guide for Sniper Elite 5 will teach you how to kill Christian Jungers with a V2.

The Mission7 Kill Challenge in Sniper Elite 5 asks you to kill sinister scientist Christian Jungers with a V2 rocket. Unfortunately, much like the taking down Lanzo Baumann in Mission 5, the Mission 7 Kill challenge is not working as intended at the time of writing. In this guide, we’ll explain how to complete the Mission 7 Kill Challenge such that it triggers correctly and unlocks the RSC 1928.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Kill Challenge: How to kill Jungers with a V2

Sniper Elite 5 mission 7 kill challenge jungers v2
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For the Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Kill Challenge, Christian Jungers is located in the Weapons Facility bunker as marked on the map above. It’s possible to spot him from some distance, but you’ll need to sneak into the facility without alerting any nearby guards if you want to complete this Kill Challenge. We found the easiest path to be approaching from the east after cutting through the fence. 

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Kill Challenge not working guide
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Sneak into the weapons facility and up the stairs until you reach the floor Jungers is on. From this side of the large room, you can sneak through one of the two vents to enter the V2 rocket testing chamber. Inside there are two guards up on the walkways either end of the room. The only one we’re concerned about will be directly above you. Turn right and you’ll find a staircase up to the same floor as the guard. Use a bottle to distract him, then take him out.

How to kill christian jungers v2 sniper elite 5 secret weapons kill challenge
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With the walkway clear, you now just need to wait for Jungers to walk in to inspect the prototype. We recommend saving at this point in case you need to try again. 

There is a button on the upper, central walkway which drops the rocket, but unfortunately this appears to be bugged at the time of writing. If you kill Jungers using this, the Kill Challenge won’t be marked as complete. 

Sniper Elite 5 mission 7 secret weapons kill challenge guide
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Instead, equip a silenced weapon and aim at the hook holding the front half of the rocket up. Wait for Jungers to be underneath the V2, the fire off a shot to drop the V2 on top of him. Using the shooting method, we found the Kill Challenge to trigger successfully, but you can also reload to try again if it doesn’t trigger first time for you. Look for the notification in the top right of the screen to show that you’ve unlocked the 

With that done, you’ve successfully chalked off the Sniper Elite 5 Mission 7 Kill Challenge. While you’re playing the level, be sure to track down all Secret Weapons Workbench locations as well with our guide. If you’re after more kill challenges, read our guide to Mission 6 to tick off  Jaan Troutmann from your list as well!

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