Lego's massive Bowser set demands a high price

The Mighty Bowser is Lego's largest set in the Mario collection.

Lego has an absolutely massive Bowser set coming out on October 1 for fans of the Mario foe to cop.

The Mighty Bowser depicts the king of Koopas as he stands at the end of any Super Mario World level, between two flaming torches at the start of a bridge that you must hit with an axe to drop him into the lava below.

At 2,807 pieces and standing almost a foot tall, Bowser truly is an absolute unit of a Lego set, and commands a price to match: $270/£230. But come on, it's Bowser. Of course he's going to rob you.

As well as being a very good likeness of our boy Bowz, there are a few fun features to the figure too. There's a hidden fireball launcher, and a little joystick to control his head and neck, plus you can pose his limbs and tail on his little plinth too.

The set also comes with a POW block which you can use in Lego's Mario Starter Courses to make a fun little world to run through, and an Action Tag that will let Mario, Luigi or Peach take on Bowset himself. Though they would all get crushed by his might.

You can get The Mighty Bowser Lego set for $270/£230 when it goes on sale on October 1, though we expect this one will be a hot commodity so make sure to check local retailers on the day if the main site sells out.


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