Elden Ring's heroic savior Let Me Solo Her honored with sword gift

Bandai Namco has sent the legendary co-op savior a congratulatory sword for services to the community.

Everyone's favorite jar-headed dual-katana-wielder Let Me Solo Her has been officially honored for their services to the players of Elden Ring: with a ceremonial sword.

The player racked up 1,000 kills against the game's – and possibly the Soulsborne series' – hardest boss, Malenia (Blade of Miquella who has never known defeat etc. etc. you know the speech) while assisting others players in co-op.

In honor of their services to the struggling playerbase, publisher Bandai Namco sent Let Me Solo Her a promo box containing a forged sword, wooden plaque of Malenia, a map scroll and a message saying "congratulations on your great accomplishment" with a cute drawing of the iconic avatar.

The player, who goes by Klein Tsuboi on Twitter, posted pictures of the promo box they came in, and reminisced about the tough bosses that inspired them to commit to overcoming the challenges of FromSoftware's games.

The legend of Let Me Solo Her began on Reddit as multiple users chimed in to thank the mysteriously named collaborator who encouraged them to watch from a safe distance as they demolished the Blade of Miquella.

Their exploits have now inspired artwork and tributes including instructions for 3D printing your own figurine of the character, depicted with their standard loadout of a pot head, Rivers of Blood in the off-hand and Uchigatana in main hand slots.


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