Thymesia: How to heal

Learn the different ways to heal in Thymesia so you can keep Corvus' health topped up.

Enemies in Thymesia hit hard, making it important to know how to heal. Much like in the inspiring games of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro, you have a limited supply of healing between each rest, but there are other ways to top up your health as well. In this guide, we’ll explain how to heal in Thymesia so you can maximize your life in its grueling battles.

Thymesia: How to heal

Thymesia how to heal guide
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The main way to heal in Thymesia is by consuming Potions. On PC controls, this defaults to the Q key. On Xbox or PS5, you need to hit D-Pad Up to heal. 

You’ll begin with a very limited number of potions available, and only the basic potion unlocked. However, as you explore and defeat both minibosses and main bosses, you’ll gain resources that can be used to upgrade three different aspects of your potions, including the number of potions, the amount of health each potion heals, and the number of ingredients included in the potions. The latter can be added using the Craft Potion option when resting and inspecting potions.

You’ll also unlock two extra potion types: a slow-acting potion which heals more, and a rapid potion which works instantly but heals less. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to commit your upgrade resources to that, as potion materials are rare enough to make upgrading all three very tricky.

You’ll also heal any time you rest at a Beacon, the glowing, ghostly chairs which act as progress and upgrade points throughout each level. It’s worth noting that all enemies (besides a few special enemies) will respawn any time you rest at these points.

how to heal in thymesia
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Finally, you can also heal by unlocking certain Talents when you level up. Pick up the Talent that lets you heal any time you kill an enemy, and you’ll gain a small amount of health whenever you finish someone off with your saber. Kills using the Claw attack to steal Plague Weapons will not heal you, however.

That’s everything there is to know about how to heal in Thymesia. For more useful advice, check out our full controls guide or tips on beating Odur, the game’s first major boss!

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