Cult of the Lamb: How to heal yourself

Learn how to heal yourself in Cult of the Lamb so you can extend your crusades.

During Cult of the Lamb’s crusades in rival domains, you’ll have a small supply of hearts to work with. Fortunately, there are a few ways to heal yourself in Cult of the Lamb, even in the middle of an outing. In this guide we’ll break down the limited methods for how to heal so you can press on further.

Cult of the Lamb: How to heal yourself

Cult of the Lamb how to heal yourself
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While your followers can take bed rest, you don’t have that luxury while out on a Crusade. Each hit you take will remove half a heart in damage. Here are the main ways to heal in Cult of the Lamb:

1. From chests after beating rooms

Each time you beat all the enemies in a combat room and spawn a chest, it will have a chance to spawn a heart. These can be halves or full hearts. Remember that if you can't use a heart right away, you can return to that room after taking damage in a later one.

2. Killing enemiess with Vampiric Weapons

Once you've unlocked them (via Sermons), equip a Vampiric Weapon and every enemy you kill will have a chance to drop a heart you can collect to heal. These are powerful weapons for keeping you going in a longer run through a region in which you’ve already beaten the main boss.

3. From Tarot Cards

While not technically healing so much as gaining more health, certain Tarot Cards like The Hearts will grant you an extra chunk of health. This will increase your max health as well, allowing you to heal further. Others, like Gift From Below will grant you a chance of obtaining hearts whenever you kill an enemy, similar to using Vampiric Weapons.

4. From the blood pool

If you see a heart icon in one of the upcoming rooms on your Crusade map, visiting it will allow you to restore all your health from the hearts around the blood pool as you speak to a mysterious figure called Ratoo.

How to heal in Cult of the Lamb
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You can get more hearts by upgrading your abilities via Sermons or by choosing Tarot Cards which grant additional hearts. Certain upgrades unlocked by beating the Bishops will also grant you Diseased Hearts once a day for consuming a meal.

Cult of the Lamb heart types

There are three heart types in Cult of the Lamb, each behaving slightly differently. You’ll only have red hearts by default, but blue and diseased hearts can be earned through upgrades, cards or from enemies.

  • Red Hearts: Your normal health. Can be restored by picking up hearts during Crusades.
  • Blue Hearts: Temporary hearts that add to your total but cannot be restored by picking up hearts once lost.
  • Diseased Hearts: Black/Gray festering hearts which deal damage to all enemies on screen when lost.

That’s everything we can teach you about how to heal in Cult of the Lamb. Check out these 11 beginner’s tips for more useful knowledge early in your Cult leadership journey.

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