All weapons and ultimates in Metal: Hellsinger

The full list of Metal: Hellsinger weapons, including details on how their Ultimates work.

The weapons of Metal: Hellsinger are infernal, immensely satisfying things, but you’ll only unlock them as you progress through the main stages of the game. In this guide we’ll show how to unlock weapons in Metal: Hellsinger and include a full Metal: Hellsinger weapons list so you know what’s coming. We’ll also break down all weapon ultimates in Metal: Hellsinger, explaining how they work and their best uses during fights.

How to unlock weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

How to unlock weapons in metal hellsinger
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You'll unlock weapons in Metal: Hellsinger by playing through the main Hell chapters in the game. The first five levels of the game include a new weapon. Once you've unlocked all the weapons, you'll then be able to choose which two you choose to bring into each level. Here's when each weapon is unlocked in Metal: Hellsinger:

  • Paz: Tutorial
  • Persephone: Voke
  • The Hounds: Stygia
  • Vulcan: Yhelm
  • Hellcrow: Incaustis

All weapons and ultimates in Metal: Hellsinger

There are six main weapons in Metal: Hellsinger. Barring a few specific challenges, you’ll only ever have access to four of them at a time in a level. Use a weapon in-time with the beat and you’ll build up its Ultimate bar, allowing you to unleash a unique attack that can take down masses of enemies.

You will always have access to Terminus and Paz when loading into a mission, and can bring up two two more weapons (one primary and one secondary) once you have unlocked them all.

Here are all Metal Hellsinger weapons, how they work, and an explanation of all Ultimates:


The Unknown's Blade

Metal Hellsinger all weapons ultimates Terminus
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Unlocked in: Always available

Range: Short

Ammo: None

Description: Terminus is Unknown’s sword. It attacks through slices in time to the music and deals an additional burst of damage with an overhead slam if you sync together three slices in a row. It has more range than you might expect, and excels at knocking weaker enemies into a Slaughter state if you need healing

Ultimate: Temporarily steps up the attack tempo allowing rapid swings to deal damage and build Fury.


The Pulse of the Universe

All weapons and ultimate in Metal Hellsinger paz
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Unlocked in: Tutorial

Range: Short to medium

Ammo: Infinite

Description: Paz is the basic ranged weapon you’ll start the game with. It shoots an unlimited supply of fireballs which can sustain Fury even while outside of combat. Hold down attack to charge a special shot which can Crystallize enemies.

Ultimate: Paz unleashes a lightning strike on all nearby enemies, damaging and stunning them briefly.


Queen Death

Metal hellsinger weapons ultimates persephone
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Unlocked in: Voke

Range: Short to medium

Ammo: 8

Description: A pump-action shotgun that’s perfect for killing demons up close. Persephone unleashes steady blasts that deal high damage up close and rapidly charge its Ultimate attack. When fired in time to the beat, Persephone’s shots can pierce enemies to hit multiple foes at once.

Ultimate: Persephone fires a powerful blast in a straight line directly forward. It deals high damage and pierces enemies until it hits a surface.

The Hounds

Cerberus & Orthrus

All metal hellsinger weapons the hounds ultimate
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Unlocked in: Stygia

Range: Medium to long

Ammo: 12

Description: Twin pistols capable of firing regular, precise, high-damage shots at longer ranges. Damage falls off at very long ranges. Aim for the head for an extra boost.

Ultimate: Spawns a clone of the Unknown which acts as a turret, firing its own pair of The Hounds rapidly at anything in front of it for a limited time. One of the most powerful Ultimates in the game, place it before kiting enemies in front of its line of sight.



Metal Hellsinger weapons ultimates guide vulcan
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Unlocked in: Yhelm

Range: Medium

Ammo: 2

Description: A crossbow which fires explosive bolts that deal area-of-effect damage upon impact. Ideal for crowd control and taking down mobs of weaker enemies but comes at the cost of frequent reloads.

Ultimate: Vulcan creates a gravitational well at the marked point, sucking all nearby enemies in towards it. Perfect for catching everyone in a series of damage blasts.


The Traitor Sovereign

Metal hellsinger weapons list hellcrow
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Unlocked in: Incaustis

Range: Medium

Ammo: None

Description: Twin hooked blades which are thrown and return boomerang-style, damaging anything caught in their path. The most unusual weapon of them all, the Hellcrow takes a good deal of time to adapt to. There’s no reloading, but each hand’s blade can’t be thrown again until it returns.

Ultimate: Summons a swarm of Hellcrows around Unknown, dealing damage and allowing for fast attacks.

Those are all the weapons in Metal: Hellslinger. Each one behaves very differently, so it pays to experiment and find a complimentary pairing of primary and secondary that you're happy with.

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