Metal: Hellsinger: All Sigils list

Learn all the Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger along with how to upgrade and unlock them.

In Metal: Hellsinger, Sigils are boosts you can equip to empower Unknown with extra effects. Our Metal: Hellsinger Sigils list will help you plan your perfect loadout for leaderboard-topping scores.Before each level, you can equip two Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger to grant protection for your hit streak, and increase to Ultimate charge rate, and more. Sigils can also be upgraded by completing Torment challenges. Find out how each one works and how to unlock and upgrade Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger below.

Metal: Hellsinger: Sigils list

Metal Hellsinger all sigils list
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There are seven Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger, unlocked and upgraded by playing through the main levels of Hell and completing their associated Torment challenges. Below is a full Metal: Hellsinger Sigils list with details on their effects and how to unlock/upgrade them.

Streak Guardian

Metal Hellsinger sigils streak guardian
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The Streak Guardian Sigil protects your Hit Streak from being lost a number of times when damaged or attacking off-beat. The number of saves depends on the Sigil level.

Streak Guardian is unlocked and upgraded by acing Killing with Rhythm Torments.

Ghost Rounds

Metal Hellsinger all sigils list Ghost Rounds
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The Ghost Rounds Sigil grants weapons a number of “free” attacks that don’t consume ammo every time you switch weapons. The higher the Sigil level, the more “free” attacks are granted.

Ghost Sigil is unlocked and upgraded by acing Weapon Trickery Torments.

Boon Momentum

Metal Hellsinger all sigils list boon momentum
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The Boon Momentum Sigil increases the rate at which Hit Streak Boons are acquired. The rate increases with the Sigil level.

Boon Momentum is unlocked and upgraded by acing Relic Thief Torments.

Unyielding Fury

All sigils list metal hellsinger unyielding fury
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The Unyielding Fury Sigil prevents Fury from dropping below a certain multiplier threshold. At higher Sigil levels, you’ll also enter Hell with some Fury already in place.

Unyielding Fury is unlocked and upgraded by acing Giantslayer Torments.

Last Breath Aegis

Metal Hellsinger sigils last breath aegis
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The Last Breath Aegis Sigil increases damage dealt when at critically low health. 

Last Breath Aegis is unlocked and upgraded by acing Death’s Edge Torments.

Ultimate Sovereignty

All sigils in metal hellsinger ultimate sovereignty
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The Ultimate Sovereignty Sigil causes the equipped weapon’s Ultimate bar to steadily fill over time. The higher the Sigil level, the faster the Ultimate charges.

Ultimate Sovereignty is unlocked and upgraded by acing Ultimate Mastery Torments. 

The Perfectionist

Metal Hellsinger sigils list the perfectionist
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The Perfectionist Sigil grants bonus Fury whenever you land Perfect hits on-beat. Higher Sigil levels increase the Fury gained.

The Perfectionist is unlocked and upgraded by acing Slaughter Mastery Torments.

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