How to pet in Wild Hearts

Learn how to pet kemono in Wild Hearts to earn extra resources.

Forget dogs, you should learn how to pet in Wild Hearts so you can treat the smaller kemono of the world right. Slaying is an option, but petting smaller kemono will also reward you with different resources. Plus, it just feels nice to give the wildlife a cuddle now and again. It’s not easy to do, however, so in this guide we’ve explained how to pet in Wild Hearts so you can earn some less violent rewards.

How to pet in Wild Hearts

How to pet in Wild Hearts Guide
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To pet in Wild Hearts you need to crouch and sneak up on your target. To crouch, you need to stop moving entirely, then press B on Xbox, Circle on PS5, or X on PC without inputting any direction. 

Once crouched, move up to your petting target from behind until you see the prompt to interact appear. On console, you’ll have the option to Pet with LT/L2, or Slay with RT/R2. We know which one is the right choice. Put the sword away and give that deer or toad a stroke.

You won’t be able to pet in WIld Hearts if your target can already see you, but that doesn’t mean you need to be really stealthy. Get fairly close, then crouch, then walk up to a smaller kemono from behind to pet it. 

When you successfully pet a kemono, it will drop a resource on the floor for you to connect. Most smaller kemono can be petted, and you can check your creature catalog in the menu to see how many times you’ve slain or petted each type.

So now that you know how to pet in Wild Hearts, get out there and give the creatures of the world some love! You don’t always have to swing that sword/hammer/deadly umbrella you know. For more Wild Hearts guides, check out the game’s full controls on PC and console here.

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