Where to find Small Kemono Skin in Wild Hearts

Learn the best Wild Hearts Small Kemono Skin location for easy farming

One of the resources you’ll be asked to collect in Wild Hearts is Small Kemono Skin. Despite the simple name, it can be tricky to find this basic resource if you don’t know which of the many small kemono drop it. Below, we’ll teach you where to find Small Kemono Skin in Wild Hearts, and the best Small Kemono Skin locations to loot so you can quickly wrap up any requests from the folk in Minato.

Where to find Small Kemono Skin location in Wild Hearts

Where to find Small Kemono skin location Wild Hearts
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Small Kemono Skin is a drop from several different small kemono. One of the best early Small Kemono Skin locations for regular looting it is Harugasumi Way – that’s the opening section you’ll reach first after the tutorial. It’s here that you’ll be tasked with facing Ragetails, Sapscourge, and the Kingtusk before you head to Minato.

Wild Hearts Small Kemono skin location
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You can find Small Kemono Skin by slaying Ragetail Pups. Check your Cyclopedia to see that they're commonly found in Haragasumi Way. Ragetail Pups are the small red-and-white mouse creatures that are found most commonly in the Ruined Inn Town marked on the map above. Head southeast from the Tavern Ruins dragon pit and you’ll find plenty of them wandering around. You’ll need to slay not pet them, so sneak up and deal some damage. Just watch out for their angry parent if it's nearby.

small kemono skin location wild hearts guide
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Alternatively, you can also get Small Kemono Skin in Wild Hearts by killing Noblegrass Hounds in Akikura Canyon, the northwest region. It’ll take a good while longer to reach this area though, so visit Haragasumi Way instead if you’re not there yet.

Once you’ve secured enough Small Kemono Skin in Wild Hearts, you can check some of our other guides for more useful locations and tips!

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