Wild Hearts: Pointed Scale locations and uses

Learn where to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts so you can upgrade your weapons

Pointed Scales are a key upgrade material in Wild Hearts, and one you’ll need once you start progressing weapons further in Chapter 2. But you won’t be able to get them right from the start of the game. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts. We’ll also explain what chapter of the game you need to be in so you can get to the best Wild Hearts Pointed Scale locations and quickly gather what you need.

Where to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts

Where to find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts - The Cyclopedia entry for Nightshade Monitors which drop Pointed Scales
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Pointed Scales are dropped by killing two small kemono in Wild Hearts: Nightshade Monitors Shardshower Monitors. 

To get Pointed Scales, you need to kill the Nightshade or Shardshower monitors, not pet them. In the case of Nightshade monitors, look for the black lizards with glowing crystalline parts along their backs. They’re poisonous but shouldn’t put up much of a fight. You can receive both Pointed Scales and Lizard blooms for killing them, so you might need to take down several before you get what you’re after. Here's what they look like in game:

How to get pointed scales in Wild Hearts - an image of the player harvesting Pointed Scales from a Nightshade monitor
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Wild Hearts Pointed Scale locations

The first and easiest chance to get to Pointed Scale locations is in Akikure Canyon, unlocked at the start of Chapter 2. You can use your map to find the commons spots for all small kemono in the region, but we recommend heading to the caves in the north of the map. Here you’ll find plenty of Nightshade Monitors.

Wild Hearts Pointed Scale locations - a map highlighting the places to find Pointed Scales
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The best Pointed Scale locations in Wild Hearts are around the Buddha Cave and Kemono Lair Dragon Pits in the north of Akikure Canyon. You can also head further west to the Winter Solstice Cavern for more. See the region marked on the map above. The Kemono Lair requires you to blast through a wall using the bomb fusion karakuri, but inside you’ll consistently find a couple of Nightshade Monitors. 

Later on in chapter 2, you’ll also gain access to Fuyufusagi Fort. Here, you’ll want to head to the northwest region called Permafrost Lake. You’ll find plenty of Shardshower monitors in the area, so go to town on killing the poor things to get the Pointed Shards you need.

Hopefully you can now easily grab all the Wild Hearts Pointed Scales you need. If you’re new to the game, be sure to check out our beginner tips and tricks to improve your hunting success rate.

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