How to get Pet Kemono Tail Feather in Wild Hearts

To get Wild Hearts Pet Kemono Tail Feathers you'll need you to capture cute birds and keep them as your friends.

Wild Hearts Pet Kemono Tail Feather is a resource you can only get once you’ve learned how to capture small animals as forever friends. Fortunately, we can teach you exactly that, and explain how to get Pet Kemono Tail Feathers in Wild Hearts by keeping the right creatures as your friends. You can’t get this resource by petting wild animals, so follow the steps below to have a farm for Pet Kemono Tail Feather up and running in no time.

How to capture pets in Wild Hearts

Wild HEarts how to get pets guide
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Before you can get any pet resources, you first need to know how to capture pets in Wild Hearts. To do that, you’ll need to unlock the Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri. It’s on the right side of the tree, below Launcher: Thrift skill and you’ll likely reach it during Chapter 2 of the game. It’ll cost you 1,000 Kemono Orbs to unlock the Wildlife Cage, but once you have it, you can begin capturing pets.

Build a Wildlife Cage while out in a region and you can interact with it to place any wild animals you’ve caught so far. Each animal produces a specific resource when kept as a pet. To capture an animal, you’ll need to sneak or sprint up on it then press the interact key to capture it. The pets you can keep are all small creatures, even smaller than the small kemono you can slay or pet for resources.

How to get Pet Kemono Tail Feathers in Wild Hearts

How to get pet kemono tail feathers in Wild Hearts
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To get Pet Kemono Tail Feathers, you need to keep small bird wildlife in one of your Wildlife Cages. The easiest creatures to catch for this are: Grasswing Swallow and Lotuswing Swallow. The former of these gorgeous little creatures can be found in Haragasumi Way’s bamboo grove area. They’ve got bright green feathers, so if you spot a bird in the distance, either sneak up on it, or run over and interact quickly to catch it.

Once you have the bird you’re after, return to your Wildlife Cage and interact with it to place the Grasswing Swallow inside. All you need to do then is wait. It doesn’t take long for pets to produce their resources, but you might as well head out to fight a kemono if you want to pass the time efficiently. Return after a short delay and you should see the interact message for the cage replaced with “Collect Materials”. Interact and you’ll get Pet Kemono Tail Feather as a reward. 

We recommend setting up several cages together to make it easy to generate multiple of any given pet resource at a time. Also, it’ll stop them from getting lonely. So long as you keep the pets in the cage, they’ll continue to produce Pet Kemono Tail Feather, so stop by whenever you’re in the area and say hi to your feathered friends.

That’s all on how to get Pet Kemono Tail Feathers in Wild Hearts, but you can learn how to get Pet Kemono Seed here, or read our beginners tips and tricks for advice on hunting!

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