How to heal in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty

Learn the main ways to heal in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty so you can keep your health high while facing fearsome foes.

Unless you’re a godlike gamer, expect to lose health a lot in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty’s grueling battles. With pain comes respite, however, so make sure you learn how to heal in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty. You’ll get few options to top your health up, so make sure you’re aware of all them when facing foes like the game’s first boss fight.

How to heal in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to heal in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - an image highlighting the healing item in the bottom of the screen
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The primary way to heal in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty is by drinking from the Dragon’s Cure Pot. By default, you can take a swig to heal by pressing D-Pad Up

The charges available for this healing flask are shown in the bottom left of the screen. You’ll only have a few heals available early in the game, but each time you raise or rest at a Battle Flag, your Dragon’s Cure Pot will be refilled.

Wo long fallen dynasty how to heal guide - an image of the Dragon's Cure Pot item in the inventory
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Battle Flags don’t just replenish your pot. The second way to heal in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty is to plant or rest at Battle Flags. You'll also heal when you plant Marking Flags, though you cannot rest at these to refill your pot.

There’s a key difference between resting and planting, however. Raising a Battle Flag for the first time will raise morale, heal you to full health, and refill your charges. Resting at a Battle Flag will do the same, but also respawns most enemies in the area.

As such, you’ll be rewarded for exploring with the opportunity to heal each time you place a Battle Flag, but you can’t just whittle your way through foes by retreating to heal at Battle Flags.

Those are the primary ways to heal in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty, but keep an eye out for smaller, consumable items that can heal or grant resistances against certain status effects. Don’t rely solely on healing or you’ll be giving yourself a far tougher go of it against many foes than you need to! If you’re early in the game, be sure to read our guide for how to beat Zhang Liang when you reach him.

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