How to play with friends in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty co-op

Learn how to play Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty with friends in co-op.

If you want to face fearsome foes with friends, you’ll need to know how to set up Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty co-op. Fortunately, it’s very easy to learn how to play with friends in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty. All you’ll need is a handy flag to call a friend.

How to play with friends in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty co-op

How to play with friends in wo-long fallen dynasty coop - an image of the Battle Flag menu, pointing to the Online Lobby option
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To play with friends in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty co-op, all you need to do is rest at a Battle Flag. These are the checkpoint flags you’ll place every so often which allow you to heal and refill your Dragon’s Cure Pot.

You can play Wo-Long: Fallen Dysnasty co-op with up to two other players at once (for a party size of three). You can invite players from your friends list or request aid from other players you don’t know online.

Interact with a Battle Flag (using R2 / RT / E) and you’ll open a menu of options. Select Online Lobby.

In the next menu, you’ll have the choice between recruiting allies from random other players or using co-op features. If you want to play with friends, choose co-op.

If you want to join a friend’s world, you’ll need to select “Join co-op by set password.” You’ll then be prompted to enter a six-digit password that your friend set when creating the room.

If you want to host your own game and invite friends to play in co-op, select “Recruit Allies”. This will disconnect you from any NPC allies you’re currently partnered with.

wo-long fallen dynasty coop how to play with friends - an image of the menu for hosting a game
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On the next page, you’ll want to set a password (Triangle / Y). You can then directly invite your friends. This menu will also allow you to change up your equipment and spells before starting co-op play. 

If you want to boot someone out of your world while playing in co-op, use the Willow Branch from your inventory to disconnect.

Does Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty have crossplay?

Unfortunately, no. Unless you're playing across generations of the same platform (e.g. PS4 with PS5), Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty does not have crossplay support. That means if you're on Xbox, only players on Xbox can join you. The same applies to PC and PlayStation.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play with friends in Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty co-op. If you’ve yet to face him, make sure you also check out our guide for the first boss Zhang-Liang!

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