CS:GO breaks records with 1.4m players

Dust 2 is looking mighty crowded these days.

The endless tussle between Ts and CTs reached new heights this weekend, as 1.4m players loaded up Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to battle over bombsites.

CS:GO has been Steam’s most popular title for a long time now, but this weekend saw its community push the old shooter to new heights. 11 years after the game’s release, the player count has reached yet another peak, with a staggering 1.42 million players launching the tactical shooter on Steam this Saturday, according to SteamDB

Valve’s shooter was already smashing records this year. Last month saw more than 1.3m players concurrently lining up AK, M4, and AWP shots. With that number on the rise, it appears that CS:GO’s popularity is only set to grow in 2023. The new total was even acknowledged on the official CS:GO Twitter account.

This isn’t some freak occurrence, either. CS:GO’s player counts have consistently surpassed 1.2m over the last week. The game’s player base steadily increased over the course of 2022, increasing sharply once again at the start of this year.

Interest may have been piqued by hints toward the imminent release of CS:GO 2. A recent Nvidia update included file names relating to CS:GO 2, and it’s believed that the launch will see the game shift over to the Source 2 engine. There’s been no official announcement on a sequel or upgradeto the popular FPS just yet though.

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