Meet Your Maker joins PlayStation Plus on release

The Dead by Daylight developer's devious base builder and raider arrives on PS Plus in early April.

Meet Your Maker, the first-person raiding and base-building game from Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has been confirmed as releasing on PlayStation Plus day one.

We already knew that the unusual post-apocalyptic game was set to arrive on April 4, arriving on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. But Behaviour has now confirmed that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to dive in without an up front cost. 

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, Meet Your Maker will be available from April 4 as a PlayStation Plus monthly game. That means it’ll be available to all subscription tiers, Essential, Extra, and Premium, straight from launch.

We tried Meet Your Maker extensively during the recent Steam Next Fest beta. While the setting didn’t spark much excitement, the core gameplay systems of raiding player-made bases or designing your own murder factories was a joy. Watching players fall into our sneakily placed traps time after time even threatened to turn us into sadists.

The Meet Your Maker PS Plus announcement comes alongside a new trailer for the game. Diving into the construction side of the game, it shows off different approaches to base building. Are you the kind of player who puts together a baffling maze, a deadly concentration of traps, or an artist who likes to make a base of both murder and beauty? Meet Your Maker promises to help you figure that out.

One of Meet Your Maker’s best features is co-op support in both raiding and construction. If the idea of building a base or taking them on solo sounds too daunting, partner up with up to two friends and you can enjoy both aspects of the game together.

Meet Your Maker releases April 4 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The remaining April PS Plus monthly games have yet to be announced.

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