7 things you probably missed in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo

The Resi 4 remake demo is packed full of hidden items and hints to find.

Capcom, you sneaky devils. Continuing the series’ tradition, the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo is crammed full of secrets and hints toward the full game. With that revving menace chasing you down though, one playthrough is barely enough time to see everything the demo has to offer. So before you dive in for another round, here are 7 things and secrets you probably missed in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo/

7 things you missed in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo

Things you missed in the resident evil 4 chainsaw demo secrets
© Capcom

1. Perfect parries

Using the knife to parry is one of the Resident Evil 4 remake’s coolest new features. But did you know that there are actually two kinds of parry? Time your deflection just as the attack lands and you’ll hear a different sound effect play as you stagger your would-be attacker.

Things you missed in the resident evil 4 demo perfect parry
© Capcom

Basic parries cost a decent chunk of knife durability, while perfect parries will barely chip your blade's health bar. Better start practicing that timing before the full release then, hey?

2. Team actions

Resident Evil 4 demo things you missed team actions
© Capcom

Sidle up to the building on the left as you first enter the village and you can spot a prompt for a co-operative action that Leon can’t yet perform. It’s almost as if he’ll be returning here with a certain kidnapped lady later in the game…

3. Precise shots

With the sheer quantity of farmyard equipment coming at you, you’d be forgiven missing the inclusion of precise shots in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo. But as one of the demo’s tooltips points out, you can increase your chances of landing a critical hit that kills or staggers an opponent by waiting for the crosshair to narrow before firing.

Resident Evil 4 demo secrets you missed precise shots
© Capcom

Keep your aim in one place and you’ll see the crosshair shrink before snapping down into a tight position. Unload your weapon then and you’re far more likely to take off a head with the pistol or cut a Ganado clean in half with the shotgun. Holding your nerve as the horde rushes towards you is easier said than done, mind.

4. Mad Chainsaw mode

Resident Evil 4 demo secrets mad chainsaw mode
© Capcom

If you really loved the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo, you might well have encountered this one already. Complete the demo once, and each future run has a chance to offer you the Mad Chainsaw mode. This extra-hard challenge bumps up enemy numbers, damage, and resistance to staggering. Good luck, Leon.

5. The TMP

Resident evil 4 remake demo things you missed TMP
© Capcom

One of the demo’s best secrets is the inclusion of a secret extra weapon. Enter the village with no equipment and you can secure the TMP for that and all future runs. We suspect it’s been beefed up a bit for the demo, as the humble SMG is capable of shredding Leon’s enemies here. There's also a kitchen knife weapon, but that's far less exciting to play around with.

6. This trap

resident evil 4 demo things you missed trap
© Capcom

Admit it, you fell for it too. We’ve played the original Resident Evil 4 through enough times for Leon to complete a rewards card for visits to the village. Yet all that experience didn’t stop our big stupid feet from blundering into this one.

7. Leon’s knife

Things you missed in the resident evil 4 chainsaw demo leon's knife
© Capcom

The knife has received a lot of love in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and there’s good reason for that! As many players quickly shared online, the blade Leon starts with is the exact same one given to him by friendly cop Marvin in the Resident Evil 2 remake. He’s kept it in good nick all those years, so don’t go breaking it by doing something silly like blocking a chainsaw swing!

Spotted any other secrets in the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo? Share them with us ahead of the full game’s release!

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