HyperX's MapleStory keycap won't need mushroom to look cute on your keyboard

The latest HX3D keycap is a fungi to have in your game space.

HyperX’s next 3D-printed Keycap has been revealed, and it’s an adorable collaboration with pixel-art MMORPG MapleStory.

Announced as part of HyperX’s Loot Drop III celebrations, the new Orange Mushroom keycap is set to arrive on the store on March 17 at 9am PT. 

As with the previous keycap drop, Cozy Cat Coco, the MapleStory Orange Mushroom is a limited edition release. It’ll be available to purchase for just 48 hours (until March 19, 9am PT) or until stocks last. So if you’re looking to sprout a little smiling companion on your keyboard, make sure you’re ready when the sale starts.

You can grab the MapleStory Orange Mushroom HX3D keycap from the HyperX store here between March 17-19 (9am PT - 9am PT)

The MapleStory Orange Mushroom keycap is an official collaboration between HyperX’s 3D printing team and MapleStory. It features the unbelievably lovable mushroom from MapleStory’s world perched atop a red key adorned with a maple leaf icon. Stick him onto your keyboard and you’ll have his support through all your gaming endeavors. Whether you win or lose, he'll keep on smiling.

HyperX 3d Keycap maplestory orange mushroom
© HyperX

Not sure if your keyboard supports custom keycaps? The good news is that HX3D keycaps will slot right onto a HyperX Alloy mechanical keyboard, but also work with most other standard mechanical keyboards too. Find out more details on their designs and functions here.

Loot Drop III includes far more than just the arrival of one fungi, as admittedly distracting as he is. The fan-focused celebration takes place over two weeks this month, with events each day to celebrate the HyperX community. Check out the full Loot Drop III calendar with everything you can look forward to here.

HyperX maplestory keycap 3d printed
© HyperX
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