HyperX 3D custom keycaps will get creative on your keyboard

Find a home for this adorable keycat.

HyperX’s new custom 3D-printed keycaps are ready to mark their space in your gaming setup by adding colorful characters to your keyboard.

Unveiled to the public at CES 2023, the first of HX3D Custom Keycaps are available exclusively on the HyperX store. By taking advantage of HP’s color 3D printing technology, the company offers keycap collections including a Streaming Hot Keys set with keytops for going live or switching off your camera, and an FPS keycaps set with WASD replacements and keycaps for grenades, melee, and more. The company also produces limited-time keycaps available for just 48 hours or until stocks last.

The debut keycap on offer was the adorable Cozy Cat Coco. A winterwear kitten sporting a blue icicle scarf and matching HyperX beanie, Coco exudes chill vibes, and is just looking for a warm space to snuggle up on your keyboard during the frosty months of the year.

The HyperX Cozy Cat Coco Keycap
The HyperX Cozy Cat Coco Keycap

Taller than your average key, the Cozy Cat Coco keycap physically pops out from your board, bringing a new patch of pawsome personality to your computer without the need to hog valuable desk space. 

“Venture into those ice worlds in style with our Coco the Cozy Cat keycap accessory!” The HX3D page reads. “HyperX fans chose Coco as their favorite cat keycap design, and it's easy to see why. Decked out in its winter beanie and scarf, Cozy Cat Coco is the perfect pal to keep you company and spread warm vibes to the world.”

Need help visualizing how Coco would look nestled in the corner of your keyboard? Check out the lo-fi trailer from HyperX below.

HyperX’s custom 3D keycaps will be compatible with HyperX products and most mechanical gaming keyboards. Cozy Cat Coco was followed by further limited keycaps including the MapleStory Orange Mushroom keycap, Valkyrae Mika the Shiba keycap, and the Team Liquid mascot keycap. But HyperX has also promised “new collaborations and designs” to come. The HX3D product page even shows a custom HyperX-themed tentacled microphone holder for the QuadCast S, and teases that more “game-changing” designs may be available in future.

Custom keycaps weren’t the only new bits of tech announced by HyperX at CES 2023. Other inbound products include the HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2, a new ultra-lightweight gaming mouse (in wired and wireless models), and the HyperX Clutch Gladiate wired Xbox controller, which features dual trigger locks and remappable rear buttons.

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