HyperX x Valkyrae keycap collab brings Mika the Shiba to your keyboard

The next HX3D keycap will ensure you've always got a game-night guardian on your mechanical keyboard.

The next HyperX 3D-printed custom keycap soon to park (or should that be bark?) itself on your keyboard is Mika the Shiba.

The collaboration between HX3D and Valkyrae recreates the streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner’s adorable canine companion in keycap form. Wielding a doggy dagger, Mika will faithfully stand watch over your game space to keep it safe from any siblings/housemates/partners who might try to jump on when you aren’t looking for a sneaky session.

HyperX custom keycap mika the shiba valkyrae collab
© HyperX

The design of the Mika the Shiba keycap includes a cute HyperX dog collar, color accents on his ears, a curly tail, and tiny little paws at the front-facing base. Its look was was fully influenced by Valkyrae, who ensured that Mika’s true majesty survived the shift to keyboard-topping form.

Your chance to give Mika a home on your mechanical keyboard is almost here, but be prepared to move fast! You’ll only have a limited time to pick these unique keycaps up. The HyperX x Valkyrae Limited Edition Mika the Shiba Keycap will be available for just 48 hours, or until stocks last. 

The Mika the Shiba keycap sale starts at 9:00 AM PT on May 19th and will run through to 9:00 AM PT on May 21st, provided supplies haven’t sold out already.

When the Mika the Shiba keycap goes on sale, head directly to the sale page here on the HyperX Store. You can also read up on further information about the design there and get a look at the previous HX3D keycaps including the Maplestory mushroom.

hyperx custom keycap mika the shiba valkyrae
© HyperX

Not sure what HyperX 3D-printed keycaps are all about? Read this! HX3D keycaps are compatible with all HyperX Alloy mechanical keyboards and most other mechanical keyboards too. Standing proud above the rest of your keys, they can really bring some personality to your play space by matching up with RGB color schemes or shaking up the less exciting spaces on your board. Do we really need to sell you on the idea of swapping out that Page Up key you never press for an adorable pup? We didn’t think so.

To recap: Mika the Shiba will go on sale for 48 hours or until stocks last from 9:00 AM PT on May 19. Visit the HyperX Store to learn more.

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