Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players won't stop brutally torturing Koroks

Even Ganondorf couldn't be this cruel.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hyrule is overrun with monsters. The greatest of them all? Its players. Link’s new Ultrahand power is ostensibly a tool to take on all the challenges Ganondorf and his minions can throw at you. It’s also great for crafting entertaining vehicles. But for a select group of twisted minds, Ultrahand’s sole purpose is to help them deal with little Koroks and their all-too-heavy backpacks.

You’ll encounter one of the overencumbered fellows in the game’s opening sky island, and they pop up numerous times later. Each encounter, they'll require your aid in reaching a distant friend. Sure, some players find unconventional, steak-based methods of transportation for the little guys, but most still aim to actually get them there.

Not everyone is quite so kind. It started off innocuously enough, with early players sending the little guy soaring off on a one-way flight from the opening sky island. 

But things didn’t take long to escalate, in numerous and worrying directions.

First, there’s the Korok Space Program, in which the unfortunate tree sprite becomes an unwilling test subject on rocket trials that even Kerbals wouldn’t dare take part in.

Next came the Korok rotisseries.

And then the firing squads.

At the pinnacle? Bizarre and harrowing rituals in which players crucify Koroks, parading them around behind a horse, or sacrificing them to the Depths below.

We’re starting to suspect that Ganondorf might not be the real evil after all.

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