The best arrow fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Our list of the the best Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom arrow fusions will help you stick them with more than just the pointy end.

Sticking a steak onto an arrow tip may be funny, but it’s not going to help you beat bokoblins any faster. Link’s new Fuse ability in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom grants him powerful new actions with arrows, but only if you know which items to add to your shot. It’s time to check our archery archives. Here are the best arrow fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that’ll have your enemies shocked, blinded, and even fighting their friends.

The best arrow fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

the best arrow fusions zelda tears of the kingdom
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Monster bones

Just after straight-up damage? Monster parts like horns and teeth are a widely available resource that can add some extra oomph when used as arrow fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Early on, most of these will only grant a few points of extra damage per shot, but every little helps, right? Monsters found in the wider reaches of Hyrule grant far more powerful boosts, so keep checking those fusion stats each time you pick up the pieces after fighting a new foe.

Chuchu Jellies

Colored Chuchu Jellies should be your go-to elemental weapons in Tears of the Kingdom. Each type brings a different effect to your arrow shots. White Chuchu Jellies freeze, Red Chuchu Jellies ignite, and Yellow Chuchu Jellies electrocute. Your basic blue won’t do anything by itself, but you can add it to the corresponding element to change its type (e.g. throw blue Jellies on a fire to make them red). Those slimy little nuisances have never been so helpful.


Keese and Aerocuda Eyeballs will make ranged weapons homing when fused. An effect which is obviously most useful for arrows, letting them track their targets like heatseeker missiles. It’s a useful trick when fighting enemies but arguably more powerful against nimble wildlife like airborne birds. Aim in the vague vicinity and let fly to score your next meal’s ingredients. Let’s just agree that Link cleans off the splattered eyeballs before cooking those chicken wings, yeah?

Bomb Flowers

Another straightforward and self-explanatory combo. Fuse a Bomb Flower to an arrow and you’ve made a bomb arrow. Great for dealing with groups of enemies or for staggering tougher foes (like those horrid cave-based wall worms) so that you can target their weak point. Just make sure you’re shooting from a distance or Link will take the resulting explosion a little too personally.

Zelda Tears of the kingdom best arrow fusions
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Muddle Buds

Found in the Depths, Muddle Buds are one of the most powerful new tools in Link’s arsenal. Easily one of the best arrow fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Muddle Bud arrow will make allies of your enemies. For a time, anyway. Any monster hit will be sent into a frenzy, attacking anything nearby whether friend or foe. In practice, this makes them ideal for taking down Bokoblin encampments. 

Identify the most powerful enemy in the camp from afar, muddle them, then sit back and relax as they take out the weaker enemies around them. Muddle Bud arrow fusions can be effective on archer lookouts too, as most other enemies in a camp won’t be able to reach them easily as they pop off shots from above. Whenever you head into the Depths, grab yourself a stash of Muddle Buds to aid you on the surface as well.

Brightbloom Seeds

Securing those Muddle Buds means exploring the dark depths, and for that you’ll want Brightbloom Seeds. You’ll be able to gather loads of these in caves and the early stages of the game, and they’re invaluable for making your way through the underground. Fusing to your bow will let you fire the smaller and larger varieties of seed at greater range. They’ll sprout into an illuminating flower on impact, letting you see what’s lurking up ahead in the gloom.

Dazzle Fruit

The Dazzle Fruit is Hyrulean flora’s equivalent of a flashbang. Typically found growing on sky islands, this fruit bursts into a bright spark of light when it breaks. Fuse one onto an arrow and you’ve unlocked the ability to temporarily blind any enemies near the impact. It’s a great option for sewing some chaos in an enemy encampment but also works to create openings for escape or some speedy stealth. It’s worth putting in some practice with this Tears of the Kingdom arrow fusion early to ensure you know how to use them in a pinch.

Gem Arrows

And finally, an option for the lucrative Links of the world. Rare gemstones are usually best sold for a bundle of Rupees, but each one also offers a powerful effect in combat. While costly, this is still one of the best arrow fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for good reason. When fused with an arrow, gems will explode on impact in a massive elemental explosion. Rubies create fire, Sapphires create ice, Topazes create electricity, and Opals create water. We don’t advise using gems this way often but, so long as your aim is on point, they’ll definitely deliver bang for your lost bucks.

The best arrow fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are only as good as the rest of your arsenal. Our list of the best early-game fusions in Tears of the Kingdom will also make sure your melee strikes have muster. Want a fusion upgrade in your real life? The HyperX ChargePlay Quad 2 will ensure those JoyCons are never out of juice when it's time to traverse Hyrule.

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