Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo secret modes and weapons

How to get the TMP and play Mad Chainsaw mode in the Resident Evil 4 demo.

True to Capcom’s previous form, the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo is packed with secrets for players to uncover, including hidden weapons and a special, seriously challenging mode. If you’ve Managed to beat the demo, you’re not done with everything it has to offer. Here’s how to play Mad Chainsaw mode and get hidden weapons like the TMP in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo.

How to play Mad Chainsaw mode in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo

Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo mad chainsaw mode how to unlock
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This special mode drastically bumps up the difficulty of the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo. Enemies have had their numbers increased, their damage doubled, and their resistance to staggering stepped up. If you thought completing the base demo was tough, you’ll be lucky to even reach the village in Mad Chainsaw mode.

To play Mad Chainsaw mode, you simply need to beat the demo once, then repeatedly start new games of it. So long as you’ve completed the demo, there’s a chance that starting a new story from the main menu will present you with a screen that offers the option to play in Mad Chainsaw mode, as shown above. If you don’t see this, restart the demo and try again. Once you get lucky with the menu, you can accept to test your skills.

Mad Chainsaw mode is exclusive to the demo, and if you die during your run, you’ll need to repeat the restarting strategy until it shows up again.

How to get the TMP in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw demo

The pistol and shotgun are easily obtained in normal play, but with a bit of work you can also get the TMP in the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo, along with a Kitchen Knife. To do so, you need to enter the village portion of the demo with nothing in your inventory.

How to get the TMP resident evil 4 demo
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That means before passing through the door shown in the image above, you need to go into your inventory and discard every single item. You can select items individually and choose discard or move them over to the box on the right when picked up to empty everything at once.

Resident Evil 4 demo how to get the TMP secret weapon
© Capcom

If you enter the village empty handed, you’ll cause a secret well to appear. Run straight forwards and past the Ganado enemies, making a beeline to reach the area pointed to in the image above. You want to look for the area to the right of the belltower and left of the locked church door. At the back of the level here you’ll find a ladder down to a secret tunnel. 

how to get the tmp resident evil 4 chainsaw demo
© Capcom

Inside is a chest containing the TMP and several boxes which hold ammo, money, and a flimsy Kitchen Knife. Grab everything you can, then climb out from one of the other ladders.

Once you’ve collected the TMP and successfully complete the demo, you’ll find it in your inventory with 50 ammo at the start of every run. Very handy if you want to take on the Mad Chainsaw mode. If you want more ammo, however, you’ll need to repeat the same trick to arrive in the village empty handed.

Resident Evil 4 chainsaw demo secrets tmp modes
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The TMP is an absolute monster in the demo, capable of shredding through Ganado hordes and downing the chainsaw Ganado in little time. The Kitchen Knife, however, is far weaker than the one Leon starts with. It’ll break in just a couple of parries or escape attempts, so use it sparingly!

That’s all for how to play Mad Chainsaw mode and get the TMP in the Resident Evil Village Chainsaw demo. If we find any more secrets, we’ll be sure to add them here.

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