Prepare for Resident Evil 4's many horrors with these cute official cartoons

Capcom's Leon and the Mysterious Village shorts bring a lighter tone to Leon's misadventures.

Ahead of this Friday’s launch of the Resident Evil 4 remake, Capcom Asia has been releasing adorable animated shorts about Leon’s adventures in the game. 

Produced in partnership with Nippon Animation, the minute-long sequences convert Leon S. Kennedy’s violent and grim outings during the game into an adorable cartoon series called Leon and the Mysterious Village. We’re not entirely sure how they’ve managed it, but even the Las Plagas wolves and Chainsaw-revving Dr. Salvador looks cute here. A nice change from him lopping our head off in game, we have to say.

The first episode, Looking for Ashley, follows the floppy-haired Resident Evil star as he arrives in the games’ infamous opening village (and setting for the recent secret-filled demo). Things go about as well as in the game itself.

The second episode, A promise between the two, follows poor Leon’s ill-fated attempts to protect Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, from harm. Usually by suffering from said harm himself. Oh Leon.

In Episode 3, Help us, old man!, Leon and Ashley ask for the aid of a seemingly pleasant carpenter in the village. Wait, why is he holding a chainsaw? Even Resident Evil 4's entertaining helicopter moment gets a nod here.

It’s not clear how many episodes of the animated shorts will be released. We’re hopeful that, given it makes an appearance in the musical intro, Resident Evil 4’s nefarious lake boss Del Lago will get a chance to cause anime Leon some grief as well.

Resident Evil 4 releases this Friday, March 24 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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