Dead Island 2 Security's Cooler Key location

Learn where to find the Security's Cooler Key in Dead Island 2's Monarch Studios so that you can open the Security Guard's Cooler box.

Heading to the movies? Pick up a rare weapon souvenir while you’re there by finding the Security’s Cooler Key location in Dead Island 2. One of the first buildings you can approach in the Monarch Studios area is a security hut which includes the locked Security Guard’s Cooler.

Thankfully, it won’t be long before you have to chance to open in. In this guide we’ll walk you through where to find the Security’s Cooler Key in Dead Island 2 so you can become the star of the show.

Dead Island 2 Security’s Cooler Key location

Dead Island 2 security's cooler key location - map showing the location of the safe and key
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You can find the Security’s Cooler Key by taking out a beefy zombie in a small trailer marked on the map above. Your first chance to grab it is while searching for Michael in Monarch Studios. To reach the Security’s Cooler Key location, you’ll first need to make your way through studio 7, the Rise of the God-Spider set. There are a fair few fights waiting within, so check out our tips and tricks if you need some combat advice.

Dead Island 2 security's cooler key location guide - the keys lie on the floor of a trailer next to two zombie bodies
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Once you get out the back, you’ll want to look around Stardom Way and back down Action Alley. There’s a trailer butted up against the edge of studio 7 here, and within is a tough zombie guard. Take out the guard and they’ll drop the Security’s Cooler Key for you to grab.

Dead Island 2 Security Guard's Cooler key - the locked cooler sits in the corner of a small room
© Deep Silver

Once you have the key, you’ll want to return to the the front of Monarch Studios. Outside of the main gate on Limelight Ln is a security box you can enter. On the floor inside is the Security Guard’s Cooler, which you can now open with your new key. 

Dead Island 2 Security's Cooler Key guide - the police baton item you receive as a reward
© Deep Silver

Interact with the Security Guard’s Cooler and inside you’ll find a rare Police Baton weapon. Why was that being held inside a cooler? Your guess is as good as ours, but we won’t say no to a new weapon wherever it was being stored.

Now that you’ve learned the Dead Island 2 Security’s Cooler Key location and rewards, don’t miss out on other early rare weapons you can find. We have guides to all Safe Deposit keys in the Halperin Hotel, as well as Brock’s Safe Key and Coach’s Car Keys for Bel Air.

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