Dead Island 2 Coach's Car Keys location

Learn where to find Coach's Car Keys in Dead Island 2 so you can grab a golf club and start driving the undead away.

You can get your hands on a rare golf club weapon fairly early in Dead Island 2 by tracking down the Coach’s Car Keys location. Securing these will let you unlock Coach Ace’s car boot and grab a new toy that'll turn shamblers into driving range target practice. In this guide we’ll walk you through when and where to find Coach’s Car Keys in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys location

Dead Island 2 coach's car keys location map
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Coach’s Car Keys can only be obtained in Dead Island 2 after you’ve completed your first visit to the Halperin Hotel. Once you’ve faced the bridezilla there and found the many Safe Deposit Keys inside, you’ll return to Bel Air to find that the sun has set. Before you return to Emma Jaunt’s place, you should make a couple of quick detours to grab Brock’s Safe Key as well. This is also close to the Mailman Was a Zombie quest, though you'll only be able to complete that after being tasked with heading out to Santa Monica via the sewers.

As shown on the map above, you’ll want to head to the tennis court on the west side of the area, just north of Access Rd 781. In the back corner of the tennis court you’ll find a particularly tough runner zombie called Coach Ace. 

Dead Island 2 coach's car keys location guide
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Take out the former sports lover with the zombie-slaying skills you’ll have developed by now – or read our tips here to learn some – and they’ll drop Coach’s Car Keys for you to grab.

Coach's Car Keys Dead Island 2 Coach Ace
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The car you’re after can be found be following Access Rd 781 east to the three way junction with Access Rd 782. Look to your left as you turn north to find the car. You can interact with the boot to open it up and drop the Agile Golf Club rare weapon. This speedy choice deals criticals to the head, making it a great choice for taking out enemies quickly with charged attacks.

coach ace dead island 2 coach's car keys guide
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Now that you’ve found Coach’s Car Keys location in Dead Island 2, don’t miss the opportunity to take on the Clickbait side mission and open the Safe of Broseidon over at the Goat Pen as well. Happy golfing!

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