Dead Island 2: Mailman Was A Zombie - Mailman's Keys guide

Learn where to find the Dead Island 2 Mailman so you can grab the Mailman's keys and unlock a rare assault rifle.

The Dead Island 2: Mailman Was A Zombie quest sees you trekking around Bel Air on the hunt for keys to a special package and unique weapon. It’s one of the trickier quests in the game, but it will reward you with the Mailman’s Keys and a sharpshooting weapon to take out the undead. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the locations needed for the Dead Island 2 Mailman Was A Zombie Quest, explaining where you need to visit, who you need to kill, and how to get your reward.

Dead Island 2: Mailman Was A Zombie quest guide

Dead Island 2 mailman was a zombie guide mailman's key location - a map showing all the main spots to visit
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While it takes place in Bel Air, you can take on the Mailman Was A Zombie quest only once you’ve reached the main story quest which directs you toward the sewers and Santa Monica. Once you’re at that point, you can start the quest by heading to the position marked Locked Package on Alpine Drive from the map above. 

Here you’ll find a delivery van. Look on the ground on its west side to find a note from a mailman complaining about missed deliveries. This will ask you to visit three locations across Bel Air to find a mailman:

  • Colt Swanson - 70 Alpine Drive
  • The GOAT Pen - 59 Alpine Drive
  • Mr & Mrs. Doe - 143 Glitterati Corner
Mailman was a zombie dead island 2 guide - the packages piled up with an option to inspect them
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You need to visit all three locations marked on the map above and look for delivery packages piled up near the entrances. The first two are very close to the van itself, but for the third, you'll need to head further north to the garage close to the house you first arrived at in Bel Air. At the first two locations you visit, you’ll be able to inspect the piles packages without any reward. At the third location you visit, you’ll find a large, vomit-spewing zombie called Wayne the Mailman.

Dead Island 2: Mailman’s Keys location

Dead Island 2 mailman's keys guide mailman was a zombie - A giant bloated zombie called Wayne the Mailman
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Wayne the Mailman is a tough enemy, so we recommend killing off any smaller enemies nearby before you fight him. Don’t use corrosive weapons either as they won’t be effective here. Take out the Dead Island 2 Mailman and he’ll drop the Mailman’s Keys. 

Grab the Mailman’s Keys and then return to the locked package on Alpine Drive. You can now unlock it to receive the Rare Raven assault rifle as a reward. 

Dead Island 2 Mailman location mailman's keys guide reward - the raven assault rifle next to the open package
© Deep Silver

And with that, you’ve secured the Mailman’s Keys and completed the Dead Island 2 Mailman Was A Zombie quest. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll soon be heading through the sewers to Venice Beach where you can unlock fast travel, but before you head over it’s well worth completing a few other tasks in Bel Air. We have guides for where to find Curtis’ Safe Key, Brock’s Safe Key, and Coach’s Car Keys so you can score some other rare weapons before taking on the challenges ahead.

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