Dead Island 2 Curtis' Safe Key location

Learn where to find Curtis' Valuables Safe key in Dead Island 2 so you can snatch a powerful sidearm.

One of the first locked troves you’ll discover in Dead Island 2 is Curtis’ Valuables Safe. You’ll need Curtis’ Safe Key to unlock it for a powerful reward, but you won’t be able to grab that until quite a way into the game’s story. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find Curtis’ Safe Key location in Dead Island 2 and when you’ll be able to access what’s tucked away inside.

Dead Island 2 Curtis’ Safe Key location

Dead Island 2 Curtis safe key location guide
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You’ll be able to find Curtis’ Safe Key after you complete the Monarch Studios portion of the story, steal some guns with Sam B, and return to Bel Air before heading over to the sewers to reach Santa Monica. If you’ve just started out, that won’t be for a good five hours or so, meaning you’re better off forgetting about this safe for now. In the meantime, you can grab early powerful weapons by obtaining the Halperin Hotel Safe Deposit Keys, Brock’s Safe Key, or the tennis Coach’s Car Keys.

Where to find Curtis' Safe Key in Dead Island 2
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Once you’ve grabbed your first gun with Sam B, however, it’s game on for Curtis’ safe. Return to his mansion in Bel Air. It’s just south of Access Rd 781, and northwest of the Goat Pen. On the southeast side of the house, you should encounter a named screamer zombie in the area marked on the map above. They’ll summon a large number of shamblers each time they roar, and there are often multiple other screamers in the area. 

Take them out as quickly as you can to avoid the fight escalating. Making use of explosive curveballs to interrupt the screams is a good idea (as are our other Dead Island 2 tips and tricks). Once beaten, the named angry screamer will drop Curtis’ Safe Key for you to claim.

Dead Island 2 Curtis' valuables Safe key location
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Head inside the house to find Curtis’ Valuables Safe near his stash of wine. Open it up and you’ll find a Tactical Heavy Revolver to add to your gun collection. The fight can be tough, but it’s a worthy diversion considering the pistol is likely one of the first guns you’ll get access to.

Now that you know how to get Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2, you’re ready to head onwards in the sewers, where you might even gain an exciting new power to play with. Before that, however, we highly recommend completing the Mailman Was A Zombie quest in Bel Air that will net you an even more powerful rifle to play with.

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