Dead Island 2: How to play with friends

Learn how to unlock co-op play in Dead Island 2 so you can party up with your pals.

If the zombie apocalypse sounds too hard to handle alone, Dead Island 2 will let you play with up to two other friends in a party of three zombie slayers. Unfortunately, you can’t just dive into co-op play from the very beginning. But in this guide we’ll explain how to play with friends in Dead Island 2 as soon as possible so you can party up with your pals.

Dead Island 2: How to play with friends in co-op

Dead Island 2 how to play with friends in co-op
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Co-op is available for almost the entirety of Dead Island 2, but you’ll need to play for around an hour before you unlock multiplayer. To play with friends in Dead Island 2, you first need to reach the Call the Cavalry mission in which you head out to the Halperin Hotel to contact the authorities.

Before you reach that point, you’ll first need to choose your Slayer, escape the plane crash, and make it to Emma Jaunt’s place. Once you’ve successfully closed the gate there and spoken with Emma again on her balcony, you can head outside. You’ll then receive a prompt to let you know that multiplayer is available.

Dead Island 2 how to play co-op with friends
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With Multiplayer enabled, you can open the Multiplayer options with F1 on PC, Square on PlayStation, or X on Xbox while in the menu. In the Online Options menu, swap your Game Type to the desired multiplayer option. Public will let random players from across the world join your game. Invite only will let those you personally invite in, and Friends only will allow anyone on your friends list to join your game at any time.

You can invite your friends using the friends list on your platform of choice or let them join you directly from their friends list. Note that this will create a new game session, potentially losing you a small amount of story progress. If you’re worried, wait until you see the saving icon appear in the bottom corner of the screen. Once that’s run its course, invite your friends. We recommend staying in place until they successfully join so that you don’t get split up.

How many players is Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 supports up to three players in co-op. You can play with both friends and random players online. Once multiplayer is unlocked, the rest of the game can be played together. Cutscenes are all treated as if you’re the only character, however, and you’ll all need to group together whenever a cutscene or region-swap is required.

That’s all there is to know about how to play with friends in Dead Island 2 co-op. Swapping back to a single player campaign will also create a new game sessions, so make sure your progress is saved before you do so. Just starting out your adventure? Check out our key Dead Island 2 tips and tricks to slay in Hell-A whether you’re with your pals or alone.

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