Fall Guys creative codes every bean should try

Have a use-created blast with our selection of Fall Guys creative codes to play!

New to the multiplayer obstacle royale are Fall Guys creative codes which allow players to share their custom made levels with others online. The level editor may have only just arrived, but players are already putting together complex, creative, and seriously challenging levels.

We’ve scoured the web to pick out the best Fall Guys creative codes we’ve found so far. Add them to your game, then try them out solo or with a group in a private lobby!

Fall Guys creative codes you need to try

Fall Guys Creative codes best rounds levels
© Mediatonic

Creative mode is in its infancy, but there are already a bunch of entertaining Fall Guys creative codes to try out there. We’ve split our list into general fun and creative levels designed to be played with a large group and seriously tough challenge levels clearly made for players to tackle again and again in solo play. We’ll aim to update this list as we discover more entertaining levels.

Not sure how to make use of the information below? Here's how to use Fall Guys creative codes.

Mediatonic’s level list

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has put together a full suite of levels built using the creative mode tools. You’ll come across these in several of the current playlists, but you can also find the codes to all 59 of them in this handy Reddit thread by user TRB4.

Tower Trouble

Fall Guys creative codes best rounds

Code: 8794-2106-3211

Shared on Reddit by Curly Giraffe, this level sees you racing your way to a daunting tower of bounce pads. Make it to the top and you’ll then be scampering back above the level to reach a finish line that rests right above the start.

Digi Leapers

fall guys creative codes digi leapers

Code: 2376-8537-2529

Shared on Twitter by OopiDoopi, Digi Leapers makes prodigious use of bounce pads and the new launcher obstacles for an excessively aerial race to the finish line.

Stop Falling

Fall Guys creative codes best to play

Code: 8014-6765-5876

Shared to Reddit by Inner-Beach6888, this inventive level has you  charging down a painfully angled slime slope before racing up a conveyor. The ending object-laden seesaw will make or break your timing.

Balance Bean

Fall Guys creative codes you need to play

Code: 1305-2323-9251

Shared to Twitter by Tara, Balance Bean is a satisfyingly straightforward level which features a more challenging center route and slower-yet-safer side paths. Get a large group of beans together to race for that crown!

Fallin’ For It

The best fall guys creative codes

Code: 7231-5971-8896

Shared to Reddit by rckstr1319, this short but sweet level uses unconventional geometry and rotating shapes to help you scurry upwards before a rapid race to the line.

Tower Scurry

Fall Guys Creative codes to play

Code: 5709-4011-0636

Shared to Twitter by MartinieGames, this is a single-leg race to the top of a tricksy tower. The camera can be a little tricky, but the concept is entertaining enough to make it worth a try. Take your time or risk tumbling all the way down again!

The hardest Fall Guys creative codes levels

Consider yourself a Fall Guys masochist? Find Slimb Climb a breeze? Consider these hardest Fall Guys creative codes a personal challenge, then. Creative mode has allowed the community’s most sadistic minds to design seriously challenging levels full of precise platforming, unconventional obstacles, and minimal checkpoints. These levels are best tackled solo, if you’re brave enough.

Beat Bouncers

Fall Guys creative codes beat bouncers

Code: 4036-1309-4171

Shared to Twitter by Amphy, this level was made for those that like to stay airborne. Bounce your way past a plethora of rotating obstacles as you try to keep your composure.

The Himalayas

fall guys creative codes hardest levels

Code: 2430-2350-8749

Shared to Reddit by Sticky_Ray this level begins with a leap onto and off sloped conveyor belts, and only gets tougher from there. You’ll need to land careful jumps across obstacles that clearly weren’t intended to be used as platforms to make it cleanly across, up, and through this level.

The Harrowing Narrowing

Hardest fall guys creative codes

Code: 8908-0186-8903

Shared to Reddit by Archeress-Ava, this level is a test of all the sneaky tricks that advanced Fall Guys players have discovered over the years. Refine your bunny hopping and directional diving if you want to see success here.

Found any cool Fall Guys creative codes of your own? Share them with us so we can give them a go!

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