How to use Fall Guys creative codes to play custom levels

Play custom rounds by learning how to use creative codes in Fall Guys!

The new season of Fall Guys brings a level editor that lets you generate creative codes to share with online with anyone in the world. But what if you’ve found a code online for a custom round that you want to try out? In this guide, we’ll explain how to use Fall Guys creative codes to import levels that others have shared with you.

How to use Fall Guys creative codes

How to use Fall Guys Creative codes guide
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A creative code is generated whenever you save and publish your rounds in the level editor. To use a Fall Guys creative code, you need to select Play from the main menu. The same way you’d dive into the game’s regular rounds.

In the play menu, swap to the Custom Shows menu from the options at the top. On the next screen, choose Host.

Fall Guys how to use creative codes
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Once you’ve loaded into a lobby and can see your bean falling in the center of the screen, you can then choose Show Selector. This will prompt you to enter the custom code of the level you want to play. All your recently played levels will appear on the list to the left of the code entry box. Select the one you want to play, then start searching for a server!

Fall Guys creative codes how to use
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With a level selected, you’re ready to dive right in. Either invite some friends to join in with the fun or load the level solo to see how it works for yourself.

At the time of writing, Fall Guys creative codes can only be shared for Race type rounds. We’re note sure if it will be possible to test team or survival modes by yourself in future, so make sure that you’ve got some friends ready to hop in if necessary!

Now that you’ve learned how to use Fall Guys creative codes, it’s time to start exploring! There are loads of inventive custom levels out there already, so partner up with friends and start seeing what everyone else is putting together now that creative mode is live!

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