8 funky fusions you have to try in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Let Link live a little with these weird and wonderful weapon fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s new powers introduce a dizzying number of possibilities. Fuse is primarily there to help you make stronger weapons. But that’s far from all it’s good for. The ability to stick any old inventory object to your weapons and shields leads to some seriously entertaining combos. Here are eight funky fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that all players should try. Be warned, some of them may leave you a little worse for wear.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom funky fusions you have to try

Funky fusions zelda tears of the kingdom
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1. Shield + Minecart = A skateboard

One of the coolest Tears of the Kingdom fusion combos allows Link to make his own skateboard. Combine a minecart with a shield and it’ll shrink down to a tiny size. Useless for defense, but if you try shield surfing with your new toy equipped, things get gnarly. Even better is shield surfing onto a metal rail. The shrunken minecart is perfectly sized for Link to pull off grinds smooth enough to make Tony Hawk proud. 

2. Shield + Puffshroom = A smoke bomb counter

A basic combo that somehow remains funny every time. Slap a Puffshroom on the front of your shield and the next time it’s struck, the ‘shroom will burst into a cloud of smoke. Any nearby enemies will be immediately disoriented, letting you sneak up for a stealth attack or disappear like a fungi-loving ninja.

Zelda tears of the kingdom funky fusions you have to try
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3. Boomerang + Rocket = A superspeed weapon

Boomerangs are an entertaining though unwieldy ranged weapon. Thankfully, Tears of the Kingdom’s fusion options include plenty of ways to spice them up. Secure yourself a Zonai rocket module from one of the many gacha machines in the sky, and you can transform the simple boomerang into a spinning, hypersonic missile. Reckon your reactions are on point? Try catching every single throw you make while clearing out a Bokoblin band.

4. Shield + bomb barrel = The ultimate counter

Sometimes the simplest, most direct, and most explosion-packed approach is best. Fusing a bomb barrel onto your shield might seem like a terrible idea but trust us, Link’s enemies will come off far worse. As soon as one strikes your new offensive defensive weapon, it’ll detonate dramatically, hitting everything in front of you. Safely stashed behind the shield, Link will survive largely unscathed, though the same can’t be said for the shield to which the bomb is attached. It’s not the most practical weapon, but everyone should give it a go at least once.

tears of the kingdom funky fusions you have to try
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5. Boomerang + Beam Emitter = Your own disco lightshow

Planning on hosting a Hyrulean rave night? You’ll definitely want this fusion weapon in your Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom party pack. Zonai Beam Emitters are amusingly flashy, adding a sharp line of ranged damage to regular weapon swings. Amusing but not that effective. Stick one on a boomerang, though, and you’ll discover their second function: a light show. The Beam Emitter will light up during the weapon’s entire arc, sending flashes of light out in all directions. All we need to build next is a Hyrulean boombox.

6. Cannon + Spear = Link with a gun

Courtesy of Zonai technology, Link is now capable of building his own ratchet firearms. Zonai Cannons are great fun on vehicles, but another successful and simple Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fusion comes by combining one with a spear. Effectively recreating a classic Chinese fire lance, you can now stick the pointy end toward your enemies and fire away, blasting them down from a distance.

7. Keese Eyeball + Thrown Weapons = Painful impacts

Keese and Aerocuda Eyeballs grant a homing effect when fused. Most handy for arrows, sure, but did you know that it also works on thrown weapons? Stick one to a spear or indeed any weapon and hurl away to create a larger projectile with a more subtle homing effect. Provided you’re close with your throw, it’ll automatically target your enemy’s weak point for hefty damage. 

Admittedly, having to go and grab the weapon afterwards makes this a far less effective combo, but it’s still very entertaining. And if you have an unfused weapon on the verge of breaking? A quick eyeball fuse will help that final critical hit find its mark as you toss it away.

Tears of the Kingdom fusions you have to try
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8. Swords + Lizalfos Tail = A tentactular nightmare

Sometimes you need to win the mental battle as well as the physical, and this funky fusion weapon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is guaranteed to freak the heck out of anyone you hit it with. Lizalfos are those pesky, lizard-type enemies which have an annoying habit of hopping around and spewing water in your face. Take one out to secure its tail, though, and you can start terrorizing half of Hyrule with it.

Fused onto a single-handed weapon, a Lizalfos tail turns into a comically creepy tentacle whip. It starts curled up, unfurling with each swing to slap your enemies across the chops. It’s got great range but more importantly, can you imagine just how horrid it must feel to get hit by the thing? It’ll have Bokoblins thinking twice about returning with the next blood moon.

Looking for some less ridiculous weapon combinations? Check out our recommendations for early-game fusions in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom here or read up on the best arrow fusions here!

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