Valorant Deadlock abilities guide

Learn how to use all of Deadlock's abilities in Valorant, with prices, charges, and hidden tricks for each of the new agent's powers.

Norwegian Agent Deadlock had joined Valorant’s roster, adding a new Sentinel to the team-based tactical shooter. With deployable walls and sound sensors, she’s packing plenty of kit that you’ll need to understand – whether you’re playing with or against her. We’ll take you through the full run of Deadlock’s abilities in Valorant, including their price, duration, and uses.

Valorant Deadlock abilities

Valorant Deadlock abilities guide
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Deadlock is a Sentinel class agent, and one which excels at denying enemy movement via her nanowire gadgets. If you want tips on how to play her, you'll find them here. But for this guide, here’s everything she’s packing

Signature ability (E): Barrier Mesh

Valorant Deadlock abilities Barrier Mesh - the wall blockign Haven's A-Long
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  • Cost: None
  • Max Charges: 1

Equip a barrier mesh disc. Fire to throw. Upon landing, the disc generates four barriers in an X shape around the central point. The barriers block movement but not vision or damage. Grounded movement-based abilities like Skye’s Dog are also blocked. Grenades and non-player airborne abilities like Skye's birds are not blocked.

Barrier Mesh notes

If placed close to a wall, not all barriers may deploy, and some may appear at an offset height to the others. Barriers will not deploy up or down large height gradients. If players are able to get underneath an orb due to a height disparity, the orb will be destroyed.

The Barrier Mesh duration is 30s after deployment. The orbs will glow intensely shortly before collapse.

The barriers are sustained by orbs at the center and base edge of each barrier which can be destroyed. Destroying an edge orb will remove just the associated barrier. Destroying the central orb will remove all barriers.

  • Central Orb HP: 1200
  • Side Orb HP: 700

That’s 30/31 Vandal/Phantom shots for the central orb, 15 for the side orbs. Using a Classic? You’ll need 47 shots on the central orb or 22 on the outer orb. Good luck beating that on a pistol round. Alternatively, Skye's ultimate and Fade's prowlers (when hunting) will destroy the barriers rapidly.

Valorant Deadlock abilities Barrier Mesh - the ability used in a narrower space
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There is a one second delay upon landing before the barriers erect. The orbs then have reduced health for a further second and a half before being fully deployed.

Barrier Mesh will align itself depending on the surrounding space, stopping players from covering narrower doorways with barriers that cannot be shot.

Ability 1 (C): GravNet

Valorant Deadlock abilities Gravnet
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  • Cost: 200
  • Max Charges: 1

Equip a GravNet grenade. Fire to throw. Alt Fire to underhand throw. Upon impact with the ground, the grenade detonates in a circle which forces anyone (enemies and allies) caught within to crouch and only be able to move slowly for six seconds. 

Gravnet notes

Only players caught in the detonation will be slowed. The circle which forms afterwards can be entered and exited freely by others. Those caught in the grenade will be slowed significantly more if they attempt to walk out of the circle’s boundary. 

Valorant Deadlock abilities gravnet - the view when captured by the gravnet grenade
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Players caught by the detonation can hold interact to remove the nanowire's effects (similar to Cypher's camera dart).

Movement abilities such as Jett’s Tailwind dash and Raze’s blast packs can be used to escape the GravNet effects after detonation.

Ability 2 (Q): Sonic Sensor

Valorant Deadlock abilities sonic sensor
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  • Cost: 200
  • Max Charges: 2

Equip a Sonic Sensor mine which can be attached to nearby walls. Fire to deploy. A visual radius will show the detection range of the Sonic Sensor prior to deployment. The Sonic Sensor activates and turns invisible one second after deployment, remaining in position indefinitely. 

Sonic Sensors are triggered by any enemies which make footstep sounds, fire weapons, or create noise within that area. When triggered, everything (enemies and allies) within the detection is concussed for four seconds.

Sonic Sensor notes

The sensor detects sounds including running, dropping weapons, and even planting or defusing the spike. If enough noise is detected within the area, it will produce a brief visual windup before detonating. 

The Sonic Sensor is visible and audible to enemy players who approach it closely. It can be shot and destroyed by enemies. Players which crouch or walk past the sensor will not trigger it.

All deployed Sonic Sensors will deactivate if Deadlock is killed or Suppressed (e.g. by Kay/O’s knife or Ultimate).

Ultimate Ability (X): Annihilation

Valorant Deadlock abilities Ultimate annihilation - the nanowire cylinder
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  • Cost: 7 Ult Points
  • Max Charges: 1

Equip a Nanowire Accelerator. Fire to unleash a nanowire pulse which captures the first enemy contacted in a cocoon. The cocooned enemy is pulled along the nanowire path and will die if they reach the end. The cocoon is destructible and will release the trapped player instantly if broken.

Valorant Deadlock abilities Ultimate annihilation
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Annihilation notes

Upon activation, Deadlock has 10s to use Annihilation before the ability is lost. When used, Deadlock will be pushed backwards slightly.

The nanowire pulse creates a cylinder in a straight line. It will bounce once off a wall, as indicated by a visual marker when aligning it. If the pulse reaches its maximum distance (or a second wall) before hitting a target, it generates a larger dome at the end point which can capture an enemy.

The maximum distance for Annihilation is approximately from Ascent's mid arch to the top of catwalk. Or from the bottom of Haven's C-long to the site boxes.

Valorant Deadlock abilities ultimate - the full range of Annihilation
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The cocoon has 600 HP, requiring around 16 close-range Vandal or Phantom shots to destroy. It travels along a path to the origin point at form which Deadlock fired it. The further away an enemy was captured, the longer they have to be rescued.

Annihilation can be bounced vertically off the ceiling or floor to capture enemies (e.g. in the attacker entrance to Ascent’s B-site. However, if the subsequent cocoon can't follow a direct path to the end zone, it will fail and free the captive.

Valorant deadlock abilities ultimate - using Annihilation vertically
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That’s everything to know about Deadlock’s abilities in Valorant. Will you be making use of the new agent? Find our tips and tricks for how to play Deadlock in Valorant here.

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