5 Baldur's Gate 3 inventory management tips to save you hours of item admin

Don't let your backpack be a burden with these Baldur's Gate 3 inventory management tips and tricks.

Does your Baldur’s Gate 3 backpack look like someone upended an entire dungeon’s worth of weapons, treasures, and emotional final letters written by fallen warriors into it? Is the sorting system is straining under the sheer volume of stuff crammed into those little square spaces? If so, then it’s time for an inventory intervention. The Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory management tips below will take you from storage stress to backpack bliss, ensuring every member of your team would make Marie Kondo proud. You know, if she ever decided to drop by Faerûn for a time.

Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory management tips and tricks

1. Add to Wares lets you sell in bulk

Baldur's Gate 3 Inventory management tips and tricks add to wares
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If you’ve not been using it already, Baldur’s Gate 3’s “Add to Wares” option is a quick way to mark any items you want to sell to the next trader you visit. Right click an item and choose this option and you’ll see an icon appear over its space in your inventory, marking it as part of your wares. The next time you speak to a trader, swap to the Trade version of the screen and you can then select “Sell all Wares” at the bottom to quickly earn some cash.

2. Organize your inventory (and hotbar) with bags

Baldur's Gate 3 Inventory management tips and tricks bags and pouches
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Any time you find another bag, backpack, or pouch in Baldur’s Gate 3, pick it up. You can then use these as sorting spaces, assigning items to them based on type: potions in one, weapons and gear in another, and so on. This is more than just spring cleaning; it’s practical, too.

Bags and pouches can be added to a character’s hotbar, making them and their contents quickly accessible during combat. Slot in one containing all your potions and you’ve now got easy access from a single space, without any need to scroll through your inventory. You’ll need bags for each character and it takes a bit of organizational faff to start, but thankfully, there are some tricks to help with that too…

3. Shift and Ctrl click to move in bulk

Baldur's Gate 3 Inventory management tips and tricks shift and ctrl select
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If you’ve been right clicking or dragging individual items to move them from character to character or space to space, prepare to save yourself a whole world of time with this Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory management trick. 

Much like managing files on a PC or laptop, Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to quickly select multiple items in your inventory using Ctrl and Shift. Holding Ctrl while clicking will select multiple items one by one. You can then move them all as a batch when you’re ready. 

Shift clicking, meanwhile, will select everything between the new and previously selected item. If you need to move potions or camp supplies in bulk, this is the way to do it. Sort your inventory by type, then use Shift click to select the entire lot of them. You can drag them together, or even right click one to send the full group to camp or assign them as wares. It seems obvious once you know it, but its easy to lose hours to arduous item management before discovering this shortcut.

4. Send supplies and extra clothing to camp

Baldur's Gate 3 Inventory tips and tricks send to camp
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Don’t clog up your inventory with unnecessary items and weight. Camp supplies like food and drink are vital to perform long rests, but you don’t need to lug them around with your party. Any time you pick up a stash of apples, sausages, and wine, open up your Camp Supplies bag, select everything in it, right click, and choose the “Send to Camp” option. After all, no adventurer deserves the embarrassment of becoming over encumbered by 50 wheels of cheese.

The same is true of camp clothing. Keeping a selection of different outfit styles for when the armor comes off each night can be a lot of fun, but not if they’re hogging precious inventory room. Send these items to camp and you’ll easily be able to access them from the Traveller’s Chest any time you feel like the evening demands an outfit swap after a day in the dungeon.

5. Don’t forget you can sort and search (all characters at once)

Baldurs gate 3 inventory tips and tricks search
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For our final Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory management tip: remember to use the sort and search functions. The game doesn’t exactly hide these useful tools, but it sure doesn’t advertise them either. Don’t miss that they’re there, as both come in handy.

At the top of your inventory is a search bar which can be used to find specific items both in your main inventory and within bags/pouches. Handy when you need a Potion of Animal Speaking or Feather Fall. To the left of this is an icon you can click on to organize your inventory by value, weight, type, or how recently you picked it up.

Baldur's Gate 3 inventory management tips sort and search functions
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Handily, both sort and search can be used while inspecting all characters’ inventories at once. Hit Tab and you’ll open a screen showing all current members of your party and their inventories. In the top left of the screen, you can now sort or even search for any particular item or type of item. This make it extremely easy to shift things like scrolls or arrows to the character who’ll actually be using them. Just make sure you drag to their portrait rather than their inventory, as this will ensure the items stack on top of any existing copies they already have.

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