Lies of P: Motivity vs Technique explained

Learn the difference between Lies of P's main damage stats so you can perfect your puppet build.

In Lies of P, Motivity and Technique are the primary stats through which you’ll boost your damage output. The names and icons, however, don’t exactly make it clear what the difference between the two is. We have a full breakdown of all Lies of P stats you can read here, but in this guide we’ll focus on explaining the difference between Motivity and Technique.

Lies of P: Motivity vs Technique

Motivity and Technique are Lies of P’s two main damage-scaling stats. Inspect any weapon (and many thrown items) you find in your inventory and you’ll see letters listed next to icons which match up with those for Motivity, Technique, and Advance. These letters indicate how much your damage will increase with that weapon for each point added to the corresponding stat. A is better than B is better than C, and so forth.

Lies of P motivity vs technique stats - an image of the level up stats screen with the Motivity, Technique and Advance stats, as well as weapon scaling, outlined with a box
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In the image above, our equipped weapon has a C scaling for both Motivity and Technique, while our Legion Arm has B scaling on both. So what sort of weapon scales with each? If you’re coming from a Souls (or even D&D) background, you can think of Motivity and Technique them as Strength and Dexterity, respectively.

Motivity is typically tied to heavier, slower weapons with high damage. Choose Path of the Sweeper: Strength at the start of the game and you’ll gain a large sword which scales better with Motivity.

Technique is typically tied to nimbler, faster weapons with lower damage. Choose Path of the Bastard: Dexterity at the start and you’ll gain a swift rapier which scales better with Technique.

Weapons which scale equally are considered Balanced. Choose Path of the Cricket: Balance and you’ll receive a sword which scales equally with Motivity and Technique.

motivity vs technique lies of p - image of the selection of the first weapon. Three options are included: Balance, Dexterity, and Strength
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So which should you use - Motivity or Technique? Both are entirely valid, so focus on finding a weapon you enjoy the moveset of first. Once you have that, put points into its corresponding stats. You'll have the chance to buy all the basic weapons before the first boss fight, so be sure to test them all. Each time you find or make a new weapon, inspect it and see which of Motivity, Technique, and Advance it scales with. If you want to use it, make sure you funnel the bulk of your stat points into the one with the best letter.

That covers Motivity vs Technique in Lies of P, but it’s worth understanding the full list of stats to know how each one affects your puppet’s powers.

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