The best gear for Starfield

Make your first interstellar voyage unforgettable with the best gaming gear for Starfield.

In case Star Trek’s intro didn’t make it abundantly clear: Space, the final frontier, is kind of a big deal – one you’ll want to enjoy properly when rocketing off on your debut Starfield voyage. To ensure you’re well-equipped to maximize your interplanetary immersion, we’ve picked out the best gaming gear for Starfield below. So load up, secure your cargo, and get ready to lose yourself in a galaxy of possibilities.

The best gear for Starfield - a person in a spacesuit stands in a canyon between two sheer flat walls. In the background a ringed planet is visible in the sky
Explore space in style with the best gaming gear for Starfield. 
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Cloud III gaming headset

A headset is vital for any pilot hoping to brave the deep dark of space, and they don’t come better than the HyperX Cloud III. The newest entry in the legendary Cloud family is the perfect companion for writing your legend amongst the stars. It features angled 53mm drivers which have been tuned specifically for gaming. Exactly what you need to properly deliver the rumbling of your ship’s thrusters for that first liftoff. 

The Cloud III is compatible with PC and Xbox Series X|S, so you’re covered wherever your Game Pass takes you. Load up on PC, though, and you’ll also get to experience DTS Headphone:X Spatial Audio, further engrossing you in your expeditions. Best of all, this headset’s jam-packed with memory foam in the headband and earcups, ensuring even the longest voyages across the stars are completed in comfort and style. Trust us, you don’t want an uncomfortable headset distracting you in key moments when the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

The best gear for starfield HyperX Cloud 3 gaming headset - the black and red headset lies on its side on a dark desk, with a neon-lit gaming PC set up behind it
The HyperX Cloud III gaming headset.

Armada 27 QHD gaming monitor

Indulge your eyes by bringing an entire universe of alien worlds to life with the HyperX Armada 27’s QHD (2560x1440) IPS widescreen display. With 165Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, it’ll connect you to Starfield like nothing else. DisplayHDR 400 will deliver breathtaking color contrast, truly emphasizing the diverse flora and fauna of each planet you visit. The monitor comes with an included desk mount and arm, meaning you can easily adjust it to the ideal position and angle for your at-home cockpit.

Alloy Elite 2 gaming keyboard

If you’re planning to fire up the engines of your gaming PC, then a high-quality mechanical keyboard will make an excellent addition to your gear for Starfield. Pick up the HyperX Alloy Elite 2 to not only have control over your ship, but dedicated media buttons will also give you control over things like volume or maybe skipping through video walkthroughs. (We won’t tell.) It also boasts brilliant individual RGB lighting behind each and every key. Using HyperX’s NGENUITY software, you can even program these with our Starfield-inspired color schemes!

Pulsefire Mat XL

An intense dogfight amid an asteroid field is probably one of the worst times you could run out of mouse pad space. Safeguard your Starfield career from such an ignoble end by picking up the HyperX Pulsefire Mat XL. It’ll offer you more than enough room to maneuver, and the densely woven cloth surface will make banking your vessel around space rocks as smooth as possible.

The best gear for starfield hyperx Armada gaming monitor - the monitor takes center stage showign a fantasy ruin environment. A mouse and keyboard are visible on the desk below it
The HyperX Armada gaming monitor.

Clutch Gladiate gaming controller

Prefer to pilot via pad? Our best gear for Starfield has you covered there too. The HyperX Clutch Gladiate is an officially licensed Xbox controller that’ll put additional options in your palms. It includes remappable rear buttons that you can assign to the in-game actions you desire. On top of that, dual trigger locks let you adjust how rapidly you fire off shots with each squeeze. And when things get stressful in Starfield? Don’t sweat it. Or rather do, as much as you want! The Clutch Gladiate’s textured grips will keep the controller firmly planted, no matter how intensely Gaming Perspiration occurs.

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