How to beat King's Flame Fuoco in Lies of P

Our key tips will help you best the fiery Lies of P Fuoco boss fight.

The King’s Flame, Fuoco boss fight will attempt to throw a painful spanner in your plans to explore Lies of P’s factory level. This hot-headed mechanical contraption can prove a real challenge thanks to its ranged attacks and area-of-effect traps, all of which have a tendency to apply the Overheat status effect. 

Fortunately, King’s Flame Fuoco has some major weaknesses which you can exploit to quickly whittle down its health bar and secure victory. Below, we’ll explain our key tips for how to beat Fuoco in Lies of P, and highlight how to avoid some of his most dangerous moves.

How to beat King’s Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P

How to beat king's flame fuoco lies of p boss fight guide - the player stands at the entrance to the arena, with the boss ahead
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The King’s Flame, Fuoco boss fight is a two-phase battle in which Fuoco shifts between melee strikes and fire-based ranged attacks. Because of the danger presented by Overheat, we highly recommend you stock up on Attribute Purification Ampoules to cure the status effect. Stick them in a quick use slot before starting this fight. With that in mind, here are our key tips for how to beat Fuoco in Lies of P:

Use Electric attacks

Fuoco’s weakness is Electric Blitz, which means you’ll ideally want to be dealing electric damage to it throughout the fight. The Electric Coil Stick (first obtained from a merchant in Elysion Boulevard) is a fantastic weapon to use here. It’ll melt his health bar rapidly, especially when upgraded. We also highly recommended that you equip the Fulminis Legion Arm. This will let you unleash a heavy blast of Electric Blitz damage when charged.

If you don’t have the Electric Coil Stick or prefer to stick (ho ho) to a different weapon, you can also use the Electric Blitz Abrasive consumable to apply temporary electric damage to any weapon. The Throwing Cell is also a great way to deal Fuoco some extra damage from a distance. Avoid using fire-based weapons or throwable like Thermite as Fuoco is more resistant to these.

Boost fire resistance

At this stage in Lies of P, you won't have discovered too many alternate bits of gear to modify your various stat resistances. But if you've explored the Factory and taken out the tougher mechanical puppets it's hiding, then you will likely have discovered the Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter. Equip this and it'll boost both your Physical and Fire Damage – the two types of damage Fuoco deals. Wherever possible, equip items to boost these resistances and you'll find that Fuoco melts through your HP bar more slowly. Just remember not to push far over 60% or you'll begin slowing down your movement and dodge capabilities.

How to beat fuoco in Lies of P - the items menu screen comparing two bits of equipment with different stats. One has higher fire resistance
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Stay aggressive in the first phase

Fuoco has two phases, the second of which kicks off at around half its health bar. We recommend summoning a specter to aid you, as doing so will distract Fuoco during its first phase. Once Fuoco locks onto your ally, you’re free to unleash fully charged attacks on its rear in relative safety. If it turns to face you again, back up or prepare to parry. In this way, you should comfortably be able to stagger Fuoco and unleash a Fatal Attack. Remember that you’ll need to stand directly in front of the boss to use the Fatal Attack when it’s staggered.

Stay up close and dodge to the side

Barring a few area-of-effect attacks (covered later), Fuoco is much easier to fight up close, especially in phase two. He struggles to hit targets which dodge/strafe around the boss (not away), and most of his attacks target a line in front of it. Keep moving to his rear and you’ll be able to sustain your damage output and open up a chance to stagger.

In his second phase, King’s Flame Fuoco begins to utilize a lot more ranged attacks, including a cannon, a flamethrower, and oil traps which can then be ignited. It’ll only use these, however, if you’re at range. Stay up close and you’ll only need to deal with the same basic attacks as phase one. If you can trick it into using the flamethrower or canon as you approach, even better, as you can freely attack while it fires uselessly over your head.

Use pillars for safety

If you’re desperate for a moment’s safety, the arena for the Fuoco boss fight includes several tall pillars. Some of these can be destroyed by Fuoco’s charge attack, but they’ll also block all of his ranged cannon shots. Duck behind them before you attempt to heal up.

King’s Flame, Fuoco boss fight moves

Lies of P how to beat kings flame fuoco -  the player stands closer to the boss, which raises its cannon arm
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Most of King’s Flame Fuoco’s moves can be comfortably blocked or avoided entirely by dodging/moving around the boss to its rear. There are a few moves to watch out for, but each can be avoided with a bit of practice.

Phase 1

Charge attack: Fuoco rotates and lifts its hammer weapon, revving up before charging in a straight line. If this is a fury attack, you can dodge/run to the side to get out of the way before the boss moves, or attempt to parry as he hits you. Avoid being hit by the weapon itself and you won’t take too much damage.

Triple spins: Fuoco spins three on the spot, swiping the ground in front with its hammer. Stand and block/parry all three hits, or dodge to the right and round to the back of Fuoco.

Hammer slam (Fury Attack): Fuoco glows red and lifts its hammer above its head. Either run backwards as soon as the glow appears or repeatedly dodge to the side and toward Fuoco once the hammer is up to avoid the slam.

How to beat king's flame fuoco in lies of P - the player and a specter attack the boss together. the specter wields a large sword on the right side
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Phase 2

Overheat explosion: At th start of Phase 2, Fuoco will always perform this move. Fuoco hunches down and glows red before igniting the surrounding ground in fire. This attack rapidly Overheats anything stood in the affected area, so if you see Fuoco drop down low and glow, run backwards to avoid the impact. This will almost certainly kill your specter ally.

Cannon shots: Fuoco fires two cannon shots, then dodges to the side before firing a third. You can avoid all shots simply by running/dodging to the side. If you are close enough to Fuoco. Dodge diagonally towards it and try to get close enough to hit the boss beneath its cannon.

Oil spill: Fuoco fires out two batches of three oil traps, one at range and one up close. Stay as close to Fuoco as possible to avoid this happened so that the arena isn’t littered. Avoid being near these traps when Fuoco uses any fire-based attacks.

Flamethrower: Fuoco sweeps the area in front of it with a flamethrower. If you’re close enough, sprint toward the boss and you’ll get underneath its attack, letting you wail on it for the entire duration.

Lies of P King's Flame, Fuoco boss fight rewards

Lies of P king's flame fuoco boss fight rewards - the victory screen for the boss fight with King's Flame Fuoco in Lies of P
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Defeat King's Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P and you'll be rewarded with the High-powered Flame Amplifier, King's Flame Ergo, and Flame Grindstone. The Flame Grindstone is a valuable item which grants temporary fire damage during battles.

That’s all the advice we have for how to beat the King’s Flame, Fuoco boss fight in Lies of P! The toaster seems intimidating, but if you aren’t afraid to keep up close, it’ll go down to electricity damage very quickly. Check out our Lies of P tips and tricks for more helpful advice on guides and gear that’ll give you the edge in Krat!

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