How to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P

Our key tips for the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight will help you roast Krat's one-winged angel.

The Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight comes at the end of a tough run through the cathedral level. Fittingly, the boss is no slouch either. If you’re having trouble overcoming this monstrous leader, we can help. Below we’ll explain our key tips for how to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P, as well as explain how to avoid some of his most dangerous moves.

How to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P.

How to beat Fallen Archbishop andreus in Lies of P - the intro cutscene showign the boss lying on the ground with tongue lolling out
The Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight certainly isn't pretty.
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Fallen Archbishop Andreus is a two-stage boss fight which sees you first fight a gigantic monster before it opens up to reveal a snake-like human within. He’s by far the toughest boss in the game you’ll have encountered at this stage, but fortunately he does have some distinct weaknesses.

Use fire attacks

The Fallen Archbishop Andreus’ primary weakness is to fire, so we recommend bringing several ways to output it into this fight. If you manage to ignite the Archbishop Andreus, he’ll take continues fire damage for a short time afterwards. If you’re not using a fire-based weapon, Fire Abrasive and the Fire Grinder modification can both grant your weapon temporary fire damage, drastically increasing your output. You can also use throwables like Thermite to deal chunks of damage from range.

The Flamberge Legion arm is particularly useful during this fight. It outputs a steady stream of fire damage and, during the boss’s first phase, can be used continuously from behind the Andreus while he’s distracted by your Specter ally. If upgraded, this Legion arm makes the first phase of the boss fight fairly trivial, leaving you free to focus on the second. We highly recommend equipping it.

How to beat fallen archbishop andreus fire attacks - the player unleashes the flamberge legion arm on the boss
Fire will shred Fallen Archbishop Andreus' health bar. 
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Be patient and attack his side

In the first stage of the fight, Fallen Archbishop Andreus largely attacks through slow stomps and swipes of its arms at close range. These come in strikes of two or three. The three-string hits include a swipe from the right, then slam from the right, then swipe from the left. The two-string sequence starts with the right slam and swipe from the left. Block or parry these, waiting for that last swipe from the left to strike back.

The best way to succeed is to be patient, standing at a medium distance and waiting for the boss to unleash one of these sequences so that you can block/parry or dodge backwards, then strike yourself once his combo is over. In your openings, sprint to the side of the boss before attacking. Far fewer attacks can hit you there. This is a war off attrition, not speed. Take your time and wear his health bar down in safe openings.

Run away any time he raises up

If the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss raises up on its legs, that’s your cue to sprint away from or underneath him. He’ll take several steps forward before slamming down. So long as you have space behind you or him, you can start running right away to safely make it out of range. You can then attack after the impact to deal some damage. The same is true of the blue magic attack in the second phase, but you will need to run further away.

How to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P - The boss raises up and glows red, ready to slam downwards as an attack
The slam attack is easily avoided once you know what to do. 
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You can fight the same side in the second stage

The second stage of the fight sees the Fallen Archbishop Andreus himself emerge on the backside of the monster. He has a whole new set of moves to deal with, mostly involving swipes and slams with his staff. If you feel like you have the measure of the phase one boss though, you can choose to fight that again instead. 

Run around to the opposite side from the Archbishop and you can attack the same monstrous face as in stage one. It’ll have almost the exact same moveset, albeit with a chunk of extra Decay thrown on top of the attacks. Neither side of the fight is necessarily easier, but you’re more likely to have learned the block and attack timings for this one.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus moves to watch out for

Lies of P how to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus moves - the boss glows blue as it powers up an attack
Any time the boss glows blue, get some distance.

Here are the key moves you’ll need to watch out for during the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight in Lies of P. We’ve offered advice on how to avoid or counter them with an attack of your own.

Body Slam: The Archbishop raises up on two feet, takes some steps forward, then slams down with a Fury Attack. As noted above, you can sprint away or between his legs to avoid this attack. Get used to how far he moves, then stay just close enough to get in a couple of hits of your own following the slam.

Double claw swipe: Fallen Archbishop Andreus raises both claws above him before lunging forward to swipe them together. Sprint away any time you see this animation. You’ll have plenty of time to escape, but the move covers a lot of ground. Do not try to attack afterwards – the boss almost always follows the impact immediately with another attack if you’re close.

(Stage 2) Scepter blast: The Archbishop raises up and glows with blue energy before unleashing a blast diagonally downwards. Sprint away whenever you see the boss glow blue in the second phase. This attack covers a large area and also emits an explosion on the monster side of the boss as well. Neither side is safe, but you can easily escape just by running away.

Bear the advice above in mind and before long you’ll be able to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P. If you want to get an extra edge in the fight, consider picking up a HyperX headset like the Cloud III which will really help you pick out the sound cues for each and every attack.

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