The Talos Principle 2 Grasslands Ring Lost Puzzles solutions

Solutions to the Elevation and Interconnectivity Lost Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2's Grasslands Ring zone.

If you’ve already completed the main puzzles from the East 1 area, then you might want to try your hand and the more challenging Lost Puzzles also found in the region. There are two to complete: Elevation and Interconnectivity. They’re a good deal tougher than the main puzzles, but if you find yourself stuck then check our guide to the Grasslands Ring Lost Puzzles solutions for The Talos Principle 2 below.

The Talos Principle 2 Elevation solution


The first Lost Puzzle is Elevation, which requires you to use crates to raise beams above one another. Start by picking up the connector and taking it to the blue source on the left. Connect it to the blue source and the blue receiver through the purple barrier to the right. You can then head through the purple gate to grab the RGB converter and carry it into the main area.


Place the RGB converter on the pressure panel to open the next gate. Pick up the cube within and bring it to the starting chamber. Place the cube on the ground such that it is within view of the red and green sources. 


Pick up the RGB converter and connect it to the red and green sources as well as the blue source currently activated by the connector you placed earlier. Put the RGB converter on top of the crate so that it connects to all three, as shown above.


Next, pick up the connector you placed earlier. The gate should remain open because of the RGB converter. You can now carry this back and connect to the blue source and blue receiver again, placing the connector such that its beam travels under the beams from the RGB converter.


Now, pick up the RGB converter (keeping connections to the red and green sources as well as blue receiver) and take it off the cube, placing it on the inside of the loop you just created. Both it and the connector should be powering the blue receiver, as shown above.


You can now place the cube on the pressure pad to open the gate. Finally, pick up the blue connector and carry it past the gate. Connect it to the RGB converter and the next blue receiver around the last corner. This will open the final gate. Congratulations, you’ve just solved The Talos Principle 2 Elevation puzzle. Much trickier than the core ones, eh?

The Talos Principle 2 Interconnectivity solution


The second Lost Puzzle in East 1 Grasslands Ring is Interconnectivity. Start by placing the RGB converter on the floor panel to the left. Loop around to reach the connector. Place this on the floor panel to open the gate. 


Grab the RGB converter from the first room and take this through the gate. Take the connector off the floor panel and place the RGB converter there instead, connecting it to the blue source and green source on the wall behind. Then, pick up the connector and go back through the gate to the main chamber. Connect this to the red source behind the small wall and the RGB converter to link them all. This will open the green gate at the back, as shown above.


Get the two extra connectors from within the green gate. You now need to create a long loop around the outer ring using blue connectors. Start by taking the RGB converter off the pressure plate. Replace it with a connector linked to the blue source and the blue receiver. This will open both of these gates. 


Now place the RGB converter on the remaining pressure plate in the main room, connecting it to both blue and red sources, as well as the green receiver on the final gate. Use the remaining two connector to connect a blue circuit around the outer ring, linking the blue source to the blue receiver for the final gate. They should link around on the outside of the RGB converter, ensuring there are no beam clashes.

And with that, you’ve completed both the Grasslands Ring lost puzzles for The Talos Principle 2. Still working on any of the main puzzles? We have guides to them here. And if you really want to make the most of your time pondering solutions, pick up a HyperX headset to appreciate the gorgeous soundtrack to The Talos Principle 2.

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