The right gear you need for MMORPGs

Lead your guild to glory with the best gaming gear for MMORPG fans to use.

When your crew is ready to roll into an MMORPG raid, it pays to be prepared. Facing endgame content means entering with hotkeys ready, communication channels clear, and, of course, an excellent sense of organization. We can’t sort out your team’s boss-toppling tactics, but we can help ensure you’re equipped with the right gear you need for MMORPGS.

The right gear you need for MMORPGs

Final Fantasy XIV, World of WarCraft, Guild Wars 2 – whatever your choice of game, the right gaming gear will make your MMORPG life that much easier. Here’s the equipment we recommend for anyone looking to guide their guild to a golden age, with information on what each piece will offer you.

A full keyboard: Alloy Elite 2

The corner of the alloy elite 2 with keys lit in a rainbow of purple through to green. The media keys and light bar are shown in detailinThe right gear you need for MMORPGs
The Alloy Elite 2 mechanical keyboard

The stereotypical image of an MMORPG includes a taskbar so overflowing with abilities that they cover half the screen. And let’s be honest with ourselves, it isn’t far from the truth. To take full command of all those actions, you need a full-scale keyboard. And they don’t come much more complete than the HyperX Alloy Elite 2. 

This stylish mechanical keyboard packs the full suite of keys – numpad and all – into a durable frame. Hotkeys galore and a build sturdy enough to withstand intense, cooldown-chasing key-taps? Ideal. The board also features a full set of media keys and a volume wheel. Very handy for those who like to enjoy their own music or a podcast while out farming or exploring the world.

And look, this last one isn’t practical, but the Alloy Elite 2 is flashy as heck. Pudding keycaps bring out the RGB backlights beautifully, and using Ngenuity you can create or download game-inspired keyboard profiles to match your MMORPG of choice. You could even design a colored layout to highlight your personal hotkeys!

Secure the HyperX Alloy Elite 2 from the HyperX store here.

Fun and functional extras: RPG keycaps

The rpg icon keycaps - The right gear you need for MMORPGs
The RPG Icons HX3D keycaps.

If you’re picking up an Alloy Elite 2 (or already own a mechanical keyboard) then you can add an extra touch of RPG fun thanks to HX3D keycaps. Swap out standard keys with the RPG Icons Set for some thematic guidance for your fingers, or choose your preferred color from the Abilities Set to identify your primary powers. Then complete the look with matching or contrasting colors from the RPG Movement Set.

The Guild Wars 2 Mount Bundle keycaps - The right gear you need for MMORPGs
The Guild Wars 2 Mount Bundle keycaps.

Guild Wars 2 or MapleStory players? You’re in for a special treat. Both games have received official HX3D collabs, with unique keys created for their players to enjoy. Guild Wars 2 players can pick up the Icon Keycap or their choice of graceful Mount Keycaps (available individually or as part of a bundle). MapleStory fans, meanwhile, can give a cute Green Slime keycap a home in their game space or opt for the detailed OMOK Set instead.

Check out the RPG Icons Set on the HyperX store here, or view the full HX3D collection for everything available.

A wireless headset: Cloud II Wireless

HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless - the right gear you need for MMORPGs
The HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless gaming headset.

Losing yourself in an MMORPG with friends is a blissful experience that’s all too often interrupted by real-world concerns. Pesky things like needing to grab snacks or open the door for a delivery. The solution? A wireless gaming headset like the HyperX Cloud II Wireless!

Pairing top-notch audio (courtesy of its 53mm drivers) with a fast 2.4GHz wireless connection, it’ll keep your head in the game even when your physical body isn’t. And the noise-cancelling microphone will let you maintain raid planning or idle conversation while you prepare a sandwich to fuel your next fight.  

30 hours of battery life and a 20-meter range ensure you’ve no risk of dropping out no matter what household chores need completing. The Cloud II prioritizes comfort, too. Premium memory foam wrapped in soft leatherette will keep your ears cozy throughout the lengthiest online adventures.

Get the HyperX Cloud II Wireless from the HyperX store here.

A many-buttoned mouse: Pulsefire FPS Raid

The pulsefire raid - the right gear you need for mmorpgs
The HyperX Pulsefire Raid.

If you’re taking your MMORPG raids seriously, then you need as many inputs at your disposal as possible. But why should your keyboard hand do all the hard work? Ease it’s burden with the HyperX Pulsefire Raid, your ultimate MMORPG supporting act. It includes 11 programmable buttons, including tilt wheel functionality and five side buttons for easy thumb access. You can almost hear your keyboard hand breathing a sigh of relief. 

An adjustable, performance-focussed display: Armada 27

Three Armada monitors positioned around one another - The right gear you need for MMORPGs
Three HyperX Armada gaming monitors with desk-mounted arms.

Those glorious, expansive worlds you’re traversing deserve to be shown at their best. As such, a non-essential but highly recommended bit of gear for MMORPG players is an adjustable widescreen monitor. The HyperX Armada 27 certainly delivers on the visuals front. Its 27-inch QHD IPS display supports DisplayHDR 400 to deliver phenomenal color contrast at high framerates and low latency. 

Crucially for hardcore MMORPG fans, it also comes with a desk-mounted arm included. This has a twofold benefit: a lot more space on your desk and the ability to freely position your screen to suit your setup. For multiple monitor MMORPGers, a desk arm is a life changer. You can quickly adjust to the ideal arrangement or even swap between horizontal and vertical displays (to better read those wikis) without creating a cramped gaming space.

Get the Armada 27 monitor for the HyperX store here. 

Now that you’ve stashed the right gear you need for MMORPGs in your action bar, you might want to consider what other parts of your game space need an upgrade! Head to the HyperX store to see everything we have available.

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