Dragon Ball FighterZ welcomes Goku's dad Bardock in a new trailer

You'll be Saiyan hello to him soon.

The latest DBFZ trailer shows how Goku’s FighterZ family is about to grow just a little bit more with the introduction of his father, Bardock.

The trailer gives us a short look at Bardock’s moveset and outfit, and he’ll arrive in regular old Saiyan form, unleashing Super Saiyan for different levels of his super moves. He comes clad is the standard Saiyan warrior gear, wearing the red headband he tore from the clothes of his dead friend Tora in the anime.

Bardock joins the FighterZ roster as a DLC character on March 28 alongside the legendary (and swole) Saiyan Brody. Both characters can be purchased individually or come included in the FighterZ pass (included in the FighterZ and Ultimate Editions) which will also net you six more characters that have yet to be revealed.

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