GOG Launches New Connect Feature

New GOG feature allows users to import select Steam games.

GOG, currently one of Steam’s biggest competitors, recently announced that they are launching a new feature that may have the potential to lure gamers away from Valve’s popular online store. The new feature is called GOG Connect and is a tool that lets users connect their Steam accounts to GOG’s library and import select games.

There are currently 20 games that are able to be ported over to GOG Connect, with some notable titles including Saints Row 2, Faster Than Light, and The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. The company cited this new feature as a way to “grow or jumpstart your GOG library.”

In addition, GOG specified that the games able to be imported will “come and go,” as the ability to port these games was made possible by supporting developers and publishers. While GOG Connect is currently a far cry from the sheer scale of games available on the Steam marketplace, the company nevertheless made increasingly strong pushes to compete with Steam over the past year.

Source: GOG 

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