5 Must-Play Indie Strategy Games - Prison Architect

Use your brain power to progress in these five must-play strategy games.

4. Prison Architect

Introversion Software’s game, Prison Architect, generously hands you a maximum security prison to control. Right after you find out that you are a prison owner, you will have to jump to the task of creating a holding cell capable of containing the maximum security prisoners currently en-route to your prison. Things continue to ramp up as you will need to create things including a cell block, a canteen, an infirmary, and a guard room to name just a few. Being the owner of a maximum security prison is a full-time job, one that cannot be considered easy by any sense of the word.

You’ll have to make difficult, messy decisions like making sure your prisoners have a place to go to the bathroom, whether or not they should have a workout area to release some pent-up aggression, and are even given the option to build an execution chamber. The great part about Prison Architect is that you are in control, and you call all the shots when it comes to how your prison functions. Overall, Prison Architect is a delightfully deep strategy sim that will give your brain a much-needed workout. Buy Prison Architect on Steam!

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