5 Must-Play Indie Strategy Games - Cities Skylines

Use your brain power to progress in these five must-play strategy games.

3. Cities Skylines

Inspired by games like the masterful SimCity 3000, Cities Skylines by developer Colossal Order and publisher Paradox, adds updated graphics and functionality to the concept of city construction. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be the overlord of their very own city? There are days when you look around your home town and wonder what things would be like if you called the shots. Cities Skylines gives you a little taste of that, while also requiring enough strategy and critical thinking to keep you on your toes. Grow and expand your city, meet the demands of your city’s populace, and create whatever your imagination desires.

Unfortunately, the game lacks the beautiful chaos and danger of SimCity 3000, where one wrong move could result in your city burning to the ground (oops). However, Cities Skylines is wonderful in its peaceful approach, where every problem has a solution if you can figure it out. Through trial and error, you will slowly get better at the game, and feel the satisfaction of building a really cool place to live. If only you could actually live there. Buy Cities Skylines on Steam!

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