5 Must-Play Indie Strategy Games - Faster Than Light

Use your brain power to progress in these five must-play strategy games.

2. Faster Than Light

If you prefer your strategy games in an outer space setting, look no further than Subset Games’ masterful creation, Faster Than Light. In Faster Than Light, you are responsible for your ship as you use it to explore the far reaches of the galaxy. Picture Star Trek, going where no man has gone before, while running into various problems and challenges along the way. There are multiple solutions to every problem you encounter, like your next course of action after a missile barrage disables your shields.

Furthermore, your crew will need a little assistance every now and then (they aren’t the brightest bunch). Thankfully, you’re there to help get things back on track! With a gorgeous OST, fun randomly generated environments, and some seriously complex puzzles to solve, there’s no limit to the crazy adventures you can go on in Faster Than Light. So sit yourself down in that Captain’s chair, and prepare to save the galaxy in this fantastic indie strategy game. Buy Faster Than Light on Steam

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